The snowshot doesn't work for me

I’ve hit enemies with the snowshot and it doesn’t kill them. Why? From what I know, people can’t take those kind of shots to the face. Is it because people are modding or TC doesn’t know how to design events?

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It’s just snow. That won’t kill anyone.


Dummy question to be sure : You are hitting them directly on the upper body? In Gears 4 Snowball fight required a direct hit above the legs or something like that for a kill shot, splash damage wouldn’t cut it.

If it’s not that, blame it on the hit registration working “perfectly as intended”.


I’m hitting them in their torso, so it must be that it doesn’t register. This is why TC needs to stop doing Versus Events.

Yeah, Snowshot is definitely completely different than the shotgun. Splash damage is literally nonexistent.
I would say just pretend you’re using a shotgun since there’s pretty much no self-damage when you shoot someone point-blank.

But yeah, even then, seems like some body shots don’t even register.

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I’m so predisposed to aiming at the feet with the Boomshot, it’s really hard to get used to lol.

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You could say it’s…Snow use! … Sorry.

…not really.

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Yeah treat it more like a gnasher than a boomshot. Ive had to get right in someones face to ensure a kill lol. For the most part either myself and other players are walking shots off lol.

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Well at least one time I managed to do a Double killing with it! :frowning:

Its a bit iffy. Try aiming at their body and you should get the kill. There’s no splash damage though.

tip - if they are too close, try to melee them and it will stagger their shot. Also if you have no ammo left :sweat_smile:

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You really have to touch the body to kill, but that’s not to mention the big lags : on impact, the person I was targeting was behind me, or else it was impossible to move around normally ( I was teleported several meters away), weapon blocked without being able to aim, huge recoil making aiming impossible…probably a server problem because it happened to me twice

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