The Slab is a great map

Why doesn’t anyone vote for this map? I get to play the Slab maybe once every couple weeks.

Maybe there’s a better map(according to the others) to vote on in the lobby

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It’s a nice map when everyone wants to rush. It’s miserable in upper level lobbies with a lot of crossing. When you lock it down, it’s near impossible to escape a spawn trap. No reasonable avenues of escape, and the controlling team can get so many angles. It’s as bad as drydock.

When I play it with randoms it’s terrible. When I play it with a team we never lose. We had a TDM last week where we literally didn’t lose a single life in one of the rounds.

The Slab and Rustlung are just bad, boring maps.

That’s why they don’t get voted, there’s always a better choice, unless Drydock comes up with those two, in which case, all three are bad choices.


i like drydocks every now and again as long as it’s not mercy,gridlock,slab, or rustlung then i’m pretty much ok with it

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I don’t get why people don’t like rustlung,drydock and mercy. Ever since they removed the hammerburst these maps have become fun maps to play.

I personally don’t like maps that are too bright.

I still don’t understand why people keep voting on gridlock

They probably don’t want to run into this guy hence why they avoid the slab.

what’s yer offer

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i hate people always voting for checkout or foundation

why don’t people like fuel depot? it’s a classic

Two Snipers can get annoying if you don’t have a good sniper user on your team.

Slab is worst map for solo players.

Stacks will always dominate on

Get rid of those maps in TDM

Some maps were designed for no-respawn modes like Warzone and (why would anyone choose it over Warzone?) Execution, classic Gears style; ans only really work as such.

Sadly, they haven’t split maps into different modes like maybe they should. I think The Slab is one of them, like Drydock, Rustlung and other spawn-trap maps.