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The ‘Simple’ Omen


Simple? Do you call this simple?:

What an awful creation. It may look better in general gameplay, but going by the above images it looks ridiculous! It’s still far too big. I understand you’re trying to keep an Omen that works to your different damage systems, like ice for example. Well, let me tell you I couldn’t care less what the damage is. I’m being damaged, that’s all I need to know. It doesn’t mean to need a mess on our screens. I’m disappointed.

This isn’t a hard concept to grasp. Let me give you some fine examples of much better Omens:

Gears of War

Gears of War UE

Gears of War 2

Gears of War 3

Gears of War 4

You even got it right before.

Simple, yet effective

It’s also hilarious that you consider the “Immersive Omen” to be popular. You can’t be serious.


TC obviously have no idea what they are doing and are clueless to what their fans wants


I agree that both the original Gears5 omen and this new one are bad compared to the previous games, but they’ve mentioned that it will take too much work to remove it completely and replace it with one that is more similar to past titles. If that is the case, I think we should just make due and have them concentrate on more pressing matters, rather than focus more time and resources on this.


the game its broken in the origin of birth…

I really think the dev’s should make 6 , since 5 its beyond rapair for simple matters like the omen.

IF FOR THEM " ITS TO MUCH WORK " FIXING THE GAME, then for ME its " to much work spending money and playing their f***ng Gears 5 Game "


The omen (to me) is a minor issue compared to the invincibility issue. I would much rather them make it so games are actually playable, and you lose because you were out-skilled by your opponent. After that then they can give me whatever omen they want.

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They can’t even get this right…I give up…trash is trash


Yeah, I uninstalled the game after watching the beginning of the dev stream. I still wanted the OG omen but I decided to settle on the simple omen based on the prototype and they could not even deliver that. The OP is pretty much my exact feelings about the omen and their justifications.


I thought Simple Omen was gonna be the classic Omen, not just “Immersive Omen” toned down a bit.

Very disappointed.


I have yet to see an instance where TC have “listened” to us and it’s actually something that I have seen someone say. 90% of the fan base hated the omen. I mean, even when they implement something we wanted they do it how they want. They try to make the game ultra competitive by making it ultra simple which isn’t how to make a gears game.


Too much work to change something that shouldn’t have been worked on in the first place… thanks TC!

Imagine if all the effort to create and then correct this “inverse omen”1/2 nonsense could’ve been used for correcting something else wrong in this “game”



I agree that the old omen is better but it looks like we’re stuck with what we have for the time being unfortunately. So I just think the best course of action is to try to adjust the current omen to be less obnoxious.


The prototype version of the Simple Omen was the compromise.

I’m aware. But that doesn’t mean further tweaks can’t be made.

People complained about the default omen since before launch. The simple omen post is from November 19th and it’s releasing in January with the difference being that it’s slightly less red. Given this history, the only tweaks that might happen is the Minimal Omen is coming in the 1 year anniversary and it will be 10% less red than the simple.


Tbh a health bar would probably be better at this point :rofl:
Let’s make it like every other game


I have a good idea, what if they take this simple omen…and make it smaller.


Odds are they will take this and make it larger…


I’m just amazed and hugely disappointed that they seem to refuse to let go of the crap round the edges of the screen. It’s my main gripe about the omen.

I don’t know what i expected though, they still can’t be bothered to change it’s colour for the colour-blind modes.


I’d actually leave the immersive omen on even with a simple omen. I’ve never had an issue with it and actually like the information I receive from it.


It’s an improvement but TC better just leave this behind for Gears 6. Such a mess.

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