The simple and immersive omens


Agree on the chainsaw sstart with RB and theyn have to switch and spam the B button. so bad

half the time i can not see whats going on in close range battles . I turn off core , but a better omen heath would be great why not a heathe bar?


Immersive omen forever.

That must be your slogan. TC made the right choice making the omen the way it is. They even gave people who cant handle the glory a simple omen. The chainsaw change is good, had to be done for melee and executions.

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The controller and omen changes are bad in every conceivable way.


Def your opinion and I think for most players it’s a disaster. The lancer jams more now than ever and many times it doesn’t respond.

They’ll never be a perfect solution for everyone.

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Agreed, TC has proven time and time again that they’re nothing short of incompetent.


I dont find any issues with it. I can see just fine. It feels like people on these forums just want everything to be the same as before. Whats the point of a sequel without any changes, the other half i think just like to complain.

I still can’t figure out how hurt I am when I get hit, while the old omen from previous gears was a lot easier to tell


But what’s the point of changing the controller scheme which the loyal players have become familiar with from the start? Has halo done it? COD? No. This is a pure example of how little TC understand the players who spent the cash to build the franchise in the 1st place.


Ummm i don’t play COD but halo has changed its controls over the years.

Changing control schemes in a series just because you can never makes much sense. That’s why I loved Borderlands. They took the long familiar Call of Duty controls so jumping into that game had no learning curve and it was fun.

Fix what’s broken; Not what works.

Call of Duty , Borderlands and even Gears1-4 did it right. Core mechanics stayed the same all the way through and new functions were added along the way without interference to what was previously learned and incorporated into muscle memory. People are hard wired for that kind of learning. It’s easier to add to a habit rather than trying to remove one.


I also don’t see the issue with the omen. I am colorblind according to the eye tests but I can see through it just fine.

The controller layout on the other hand is still an issue. The spot enemies button should be moved to right stick, clicking the left stick should be the knife melee they added, the B button should have stayed the same as always an elbow or the chainsaw depending on weapon held with hold down B for execution added of course. They could even leave the elbow out and simply change hold down B away from DBNO players to be the chainsaw for the lancer if equipped and leave all the other weapons the knife swipe. Then they would not have to change the stick layout or emote selector.

I think the emotes should have been put on hold down the reload button because using emotes takes players out of the action temporarily anyway just like reloading.

This would stop players accidental emote activations and force at least players that clinch the sticks to spot enemies they are engage in battle with.

It also feels more natural to hold down the RB button because the tac-com is activated by holding down the LB button.

The simple omen has been a vast improvement over the original immersive. I’ve gotten quite used to it actually. Personally, it’s not that overbearing like others feel. I can still read how much damage I’m sustaining with the redness toned down and the newer hit markers, including the added yellowish color for taking shots from an active, are good too.

On the side topic that’s been in this thread, I agree. Hate how the chainsaw is the same as the reload. This was a design choice bc of the stupid expansion on melee combat in this game. It’s terrible. Go back to B button melee/chainsaw.

Side note: there is a new control scheme on the way, mostly being designed around moving buttons dedicated to movement to their own individual buttons, that should hopefully address this and give us the chainsaw and melee separate from the reload button.

Do you watch gears esports.
Thee entire time your watching? The screen is dark transparent red. It irritating as hell. And thts just watching. Playing is even worse.
I dont have a problem with them trying to change it from the old one. But it has to be better. Or atleast on par.



You might need glasses man, i can see just fine.

Vision has nothing to do with it. Stop taking up for the damage hud when you know its ■■■■. If you think this new hud is better than the old ones. Then your the one with vision problems.

You’re supposed to play the game, not watch other play.


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Feedback from beta

I enjoy watching the best play and i like watching escalation . Im not able to plau all the time and never get to play as much as i want. Life does not allow it.

The omen is crass. In previous versions you could tell the direction of fire from the omen. It was intuitive and gave you a chance to take evasive action and recover or engage the immediate threat. Not so now.why they mess with stuff like this is beyond me.