The Silverback does nothing apart from walking around - what a joke

Why the hell does Lizzy have a special ability to call up a silverback but there are no bullets or rockets. you just walk around until it blows up. this is an absolute joke. a merry Christmas gift from the coalition and thanks for helping to ruin the game even more.

if they can get this so wrong, I can’t wait until operation 3


Its not ideal but you need to get lizzie up a couple of levels to unlock cryo or buzzkill then you can equip some weapons.


I think you have to equip skill cards in order for it to have weapons. For it to start with absolutely nothing before that is an idea I can’t believe made it all the way into the actual game.


Pretty dumb if you ask me tbh…


Until you unlock more cards, it is more of a defensive ability.

That ■■■■■ don’t start out with at least a chaingun?


Nope. By all accounts and observations, the only offensive option you seem to have is the kick attack in melee range, and possibly a stomp attack, until you unlock weapon skills on Lizzie.

I haven’t gotten around to testing out the new horde chars, but let me get this straight y’all, you’ll need to waste space in your ability slots to give your Silverback the ability to shoot?


it very stupid because every other player has a special ability to kill baddies when used but she has to build up her ability cards to really use this silverback. again stupid


To be fair its kind of designed to be played on low levels when a character is new. Its not hard to level up to 10 either, i think i jumped into an experienced difficulty custom as lizzie at about wave 16 and after finishing the rest of those 50 waves i was level 7.

Now I’m like level 10 and the characters cards has opened up a bit and I’m enjoying playing as lizzie, just want to get to 15 so i can start dominating with the mulcher/salvo combo.

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She’s awesome when u have the cards, I like the tri-shot and mulcher cards

like most of the characters… Even JD is useless before you level up his razor hail.

Why would it be a surprise…its the norm…:rofl:

I played an escape game today that my team mate summoned the silverback and abandoned it as a decoy and allowed us to win.


Agreed. At least allow for it to fire Lancer bullets or something. Kinda makes it a bit useless when it can’t hurt ranged targets.

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TC can’t even get the silverback right? Seriously?

I’m honestly at a loss for words.


Equip the Ice card as soon as you get it, gives her Silverback the Freeze cannon with reduced freezing time. You get it early on. I did 1-50 Horde with her she is fun to use, I also unlocked a card for her that gives you stim when you damage enemies. She has some interesting cards

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I’m leading my response by saying it’s mind numbingly stupid to not give a characters ultimate ability a way to kill things. However you are right that it’s easy to level up characters in this game. A good 50 wave horde run is going to open up at least two card slots, maybe three. I still think there should be a default firing mechanic though.

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They might as well change Del’s ultimate to just “summoning trackers”, which just roll around and don’t explode and make you have to unlock a card and equip it for them to actually explode.

I can’t believe people are actually somewhat defending this saying it’s make sense because it’s a new character etc. The silverback should have a bare minimum of lancer equivalent weapons to start with.

What a waste of card slots, honestly.


her ultimate is not completely useless though without weapons, it is good to use when you are surrounded, it has saved me a few times and takes some good damage before exploding. But I do agree if the Silverback had a gun by default would have been better like that but no big deal for me, I’m having lots of fun playing her