The Silverback can be repaired

So I found out last month that Lizzie’s silverback can be fixed with a repair tool. That means that the ammo can be refilled as long as the engineer is behind it repairing, and also that the only way it’ll disappear is when the timer runs out. So why is it that engineers don’t try to fix it? Do they not know? Or do they just don’t think its worth it?

Pretty sure repair tools refill Silverback ammo (albeit, slowly) while JACK’s healing beam restores health. But I might be wrong… Anyway, I think it may be because people are unable. And also it’s potentially high risk on harder difficulties. I think only ammo for certain weapons can be refilled, like the Mucler or Trishot. I don’t think it restores Salvo ammo.

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Keegans resupply also works for the SB Salvo.

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It works for all weapons to have Jack or an engineer refill the Silverback’s ammo. Same goes for health. That is, unless they changed something behind the scenes.

The Salvo also gets Salvo ammo from Keegan’s Resupply, so theoretically you could have infinite Salvos and duration providing it doesn’t get destroyed and Keegan can drop his ult often enough.

I think that it’s a cost benefit assessment.
The Silverback is on a clock that’s going to run out whether repaired or not. So the best thing to do is kill as much as you can with the ammo that you’ve got. If you’re running Salvo then you can potentially extend it but you’ve got to go get those kills.
So… if you’re going out to get those kills then the engineer is taking a chance to run after you with just his repair tool and it may not be worth it. You may run out of time before you run out of ammo.

Last time I checked, Jack couldn’t refill Silverback weapons.

As for OP, I don’t play Engineer often to do this and didn’t know that Repair Tool refill ammo. When I played Lizzie, I haven’t seen anyone do the same for me.

I don’t know about ammo but i do know the repair tool can restore health. However it is pretty expensive. When you consider the thing is going away in 1 minute, it’s not an economic investment. If you have energy to spare then go for it but id rather save it. Especially in the earlier waves.