The servers are melting

So its now allmost 2 hours and I havnt been able to connect to one match. This game is soooo not ready. Very disappointed.

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Been playing for 17 hours now. Worked flawlessly until North America joined in.

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They’ll have it fixed eventually. They should of prepared way better for the massive amounts of players . They knew it would happen but here we are at launch. A unplayable game with over loaded melted servers. Lol

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Servers crashing as expected it will be fixed within 24 hours most likely

sorry to say but you’re naive if you think that a game is going to work on launch day. It’s 2019.

Thank god I only paid 2 dollars otherwise I’d be very pissed off.

Please keep in the main thread Gears of war services are currently unavailable (Main thread 5 Sep)