The series x makes s huge

The one x will NOT do 120.

The series x WILL do 120.

I got a series X a while ago. While i was setting it up, i noticed the lack of optical audio out. Which means i cant use my virtual 3d soround sound a50 headset, lol…

My wife is using the series x for minecraft, i am playing G5 on my OneX

BTW this line from the Astra website:

All current ASTRO Gaming products designed for Xbox will offer continuous compatibility on Xbox: Series X|S.

Pure BS. Yes, headset STILL WORKS, but it is really a stereo headset now… None of that 5.1/7.1 3d sound which is absolutely amazing…

So you need to find something which will extract high end audio from a 4k hdmi stream, and put it into an optical cable, and plug that cable into the a50 base. I was not able to find any product which did it, maintining the quality of sound i am used to.

So no, i wont be switching to the series X anytime soon.

more power is a simple way of putting things but if you look at the performance target it tells us the Series S is a great alternative for people with 1440P and 1080P displays.

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Ah I think the game has exceeded the capabilities of the Xbox One. It still plays fine but it’s definitely become a game that should be played on something upgraded lol.

Just out of curiosity, was that the X shutting down during other games as well as Gears 5 or is it just Gears 5?

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Shuts downs only happened with gears 5, tried every possible solution from factory reset to turning off HDR10 like some threads on Reddit suggested, but no dice.

For what it’s worth, same here. It’s like something in the Gears 5 files didn’t work with a ton of Series X out there.

The most frustrating thing is that ONLY GEARS 5 makes the system crash.

The only thing I’ve found that “buys” some time is uninstalling and reinstalling the whole game. You know, over 80GB worth of space (If installing only the necessary files and nothing from Campaign mode). Every time I reinstall the game, I buy a good 3-4 days in which I can play Gears without it shutting down my console.

Then, a random “update” for Gears 5 appears. Afterwards, like it installed a corrupted file, it starts to trigger console shutdowns again, so I gotta uninstall and reinstall the game.

So. Annoying.

Yeah it is very frustrating, I initially thought it was something to do with PVE as I kept getting shutdown during horde 1-50/frenzies, but then it started happening in escape, and now that I need a ranked win on river to finish this game out, it’s shutting down constantly and causing unwanted suspensions. I have seen some Reddit/Xbox support threads about the problem being a defective power supply but we’ll see.

For me it was only gears 5 but I’ve read that NBA 2k21 (and possibly 2k22) and Call of Duty turn the Xbox off.

It’s is definitely a Xbox issue. My new one hasn’t turned itself off once in the 2 months I’ve had it. Don’t put up with it - you can live without gears for a week if you don’t have any other way to play. You can!

Thank you.

I had the same experience, it shut down twice, once on Ephera and once on Speyer (during launch week of those maps). Both of them during Horde matches.

It hasn’t shut down on any other game. I do think it’s down to Gears 5 considering I’ve played a substantial amount on other games and not seen it shut down unexpectedly.

Could be pure coincidence but I doubt it.

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Coincidental. As I’ve said before, my first series x was turning itself off nearly every time I played gears. Just by doing a bit of searching online you can see people are getting it with some other games. New Xbox - no issues for 2 months now.

Could be down to how graphically intense the games are.

Don’t let a Microsoft game not work on a Microsoft console…

I’ve only ever had my console shut down while playing Borderlands 3, but it hasn’t happened in about a month, fingers crossed.

Hopefully my console won’t be an expensive brick in a year.

I forgot mine did that on Borderlands 3 as well but it was due to overheating cause for some reason the console can’t handle backing out to the menu to farm legendaries so many times, gears 5 it’s just a flat shutdown without cause or warning.

Ah, ok. Didn’t realize that was the issue.

Then I suppose I’ve technically had no shutdowns that I know of. Hopefully it stays that way.

I’ve had a chance to look into this more and, no, the One X will not play 120fps on Gears 5. You can switch the console to 120hz in the settings, but Gears 5 will only do 120fps on the newest gen.

Like OP said, after I got the series X, I had to go into Gears 5 options and toggle the frame rate to 120 from the default 60. This toggle does not exist on the One X.


I’ve had it happen in BL3 once only.

oh, once i saw on an Xbox channel that you could, i must be wrong then

I mean my brain recognizes that it’s different…

but for years now 30vs60fps, 1080 vs 4k/8k, HDR, they’re really small changes but no graphics comparison has made me ever feel this way.

And that’s why I use an old 24" acer monitor.

Throw it on 480p and you’ll ascend to God tier.

Stop making fun of me