The screen of the live gears page appears dark

I cant see the transmissions how can l solve it im using a translator in case it s wrong

There’s no stream today.

The days where if there is also it appears to me the same

Have you tried other browsers besides whatever you’re using?
Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera or Safari?

these are the only ones that come to mind.

Yes i have chrome and Microsoft Edge appears the same in both

I use Opera and Firefox and both work fine.

Been like this for over 6 months, Microsoft edge app on console wont work. @TC_Sera informed me its nothing to do with the coalition and its the company they work for that broke it as in microsoft.

They did some console updates 6 months ago and hasnt worked since, was advised to send a ticket, which i didnt as tc should be informing “their” boss of the issue and not me.

Probs wont ever get fixed.

Havent watched a stream since.:+1:

Try using the search function… Plz