The Ruby Scion skin

Has anyone seen what it looks like or what it might look like? If so coulkd you kindly direct me as to where I can look myself. I’m going to get it, but I check my percentages all the time and I’d like to at least know what it might look like. Thanks, stay cool Gears community!

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It’s not in the game yet unfortunately (not even the devs have it). They said it will be in the next Title Update, which will be in a few weeks. I’d guess that 1-2 weeks prior to the Title Update, they will show it off on stream.

AH! I did not know that yet, I’m just over half way done! Thank You!

I just imagine it’s a red version of the diamond scion that people were using in the nola tourney

I do t think its going to have the same texture and glimmer pattern as the diamond scion, if it were tht easy, they could have just done a color swap.

Plus given the issues with Gears 4 as it is, this will spark rage amongst the community if the ruby scion essentially the same as diamond just the difference is in the color.

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it is absolutely rediculous that i got the required 6000 kills for the ruby scion n i cant claim it so pathetic when i go to claim it says available 8/04/2018

I saw the diamond scion in gears pro circuit

Because the ruby scion is still in production and won’t be available to claim until end of season 4. Would you rather have a poor quality ruby scion claimable now?

And you already got 6000 kills? Pfffft!
So how many speed runs and bots did it take? C’mon, you gave yourself away. They just announced it. And if you would have read that. You could have taken your time and let people think you earned it.

Gave himself away from what? It’s all fair play. Who cares how people get the character?

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It’s also ridiculous that you already got 6000 kills :neutral_face:

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How are you not the best player on the planet pulling 375 kills per day,…everyday…since the

There’s no way anyone should have 6000 kills already since they only just introduced being able to do it on social and Coop, people have been boosting and that guy pretty much just admitted to it.

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I dunno. I managed to reach 23% through ranked kills and by the time they updated it to include AI kills. I wouldn’t say that I devoted a crazy amount of time to it. I’m sure there are many players who have more free time than me, and who get more kills than me per match as an average who could have gotten this through just ranked games.

“Legit earned it”
They’ve said you can get this character on social on day 1. I don’t know what you’re trying to prove. It’s all a time waste at the end of the day but good job?

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Ignore them dude. Some people just like to boast about their prowess at computer games.

Yeah, this challenge was always advertised as being achievable through social and AI kills. The fact it was ranked for a while was an error on TC’s part and the change to include AI kills is TC correcting a mistake. But some people don’t like to hear that. They just want to whinge that it allows noobs etc who didn’t “legit earn it” get something that they feel entitled to.


Yeah I think I was like 30% but still the guy said he completed it around the time the bots come out, It’s quite hard to reach 6000 kills that fast from just ranked is impossible.

My point exactly.

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I had 35% before they allowed Vs bots. After that it only took me two days to finish up the remaining 65%. It’s really easy to grind against bots. 100+ kills per KOTH match when all people are grinding is fairly common. Even though none of my friends play gears 4 anymore, when you get matched with 4 onyx or diamonds who are just grinding kills versus bots it goes really quickly.

I was fully prepared to grind them all in vs. Even though it is very difficult to get versus kills once I get to gold since I’m not great at vs. I’ve never cracked the onyx ranks. :frowning: Don’t try to claim only noobs grind against bots either as that is clearly not the case.

Also, LOL at whoever said he must have been a speedrunner. Everyone knows horde kills don’t count. :laughing: If that was the case a decent engineer would have the grind done is less than 10 matches.

No I got 78 percent in ranked then the last bit in bots I grinded for this it’s rediculous they make a challenge reward and after 3 weeks it’s not available pitiful