The Rise of RAAM packs

I opened up about 9 packs and got 2 uzils, and 2 raams.

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On two different accounts I experienced a pretty decent drop rate. Much better than thrashball anyhow. Maybe RNG was with me, but I think people will be rather pleased with this pack.

They should :smiley:

I bought around, 125 packs : 8 Raam Vold, at 112th i dropped 1 Uzil

Opened 15 packs, got all weapon skins except for hammy. Still got like 8 markza and 5 retro skins. Is it just me or does the Markza/Retro have a higher chance of getting duplicates? I feel like this happens to me on almost every pack drops. Annoying but whatever. Wouldn’t surprise me if I still didnt get either character by end of the weekend.

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I am surprised however, that i haven’t seen billions of uzil sraak’s on the locust side.

I had already unlocked both characters and every skin except 1 from my initial 2 packs when the comic book released. I was only missing the Hammerburst which unlocked on my LAST pack with my last credits. I had about 16K credits to spend and here’s what I got:

Vold RAAM (4)
Gnasher (1)
Snub (3)
Hammerburst (1)
Enforcer (1)
Boltok (8)
Markza (7)
Retro Lancer (10)
Overkill (7)
Boomshot (13)
Dropshot (10)
Embar (8)
Longshot (13)
Torque Bow (6)
Rise of RAAM Emblem (7)

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Early yet :smiley:

Interesting, i do also believe the drop rate for RAAM is much lower.

50 packs no character skins. Love this game


I had both already but to see so many RAAM and not a single Uzil is odd.

Uzil should have a higher drop rate, due to the fact that he isn’t a main character

Both Legendary, also, R N G :nerd_face:

atleast they are a legendary.

Very true. A very good pack by TC. :sunglasses:

indeed, i had to spam refresh on the GOW store for any updates.

I opened 22 packs. Not a single character :frowning:

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Excellent start.

Damn I got 3 Uzils, but no Volds

Drop rates are quite good: