The Rfitworms and The Trinity of the Worms

We will ever see the other two riftworms that still remain aside from the one that was killed in Gears 2? Did they survive the flooding of Jacinto and the hollows since they were presumably still asleep? Did the Trinity of Worms ever attempt to awaken the other two city sinkers? Is there a swarm version of the kantuses/trinity of worms that could potentially use the riftworms as weapons in Gears 6? I have so many questions regarding them that I just want answered.

I feel like the swarm would need a new enemy type for a swarm kantus to exist, then maybe we might see the second rift worm.

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I thought the Kraken was a swarmified riftworm?

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It’s hard to say yes to that since riftworms have a really large mouth.

I feel like the kraken is like the riftworm’s little brother.

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I’m hoping we see a swarm style kantus in Gears 6. They’d make for an interesting enemy type, seeing as how they’d need more than just the ability to revive since the scions can already do that.


I thought so too at first, but I actually thought he was probably more likely to be a swarmified leviathan than a rift worm. The riftworm from Gears 2 seemed to be far larger than the kraken imo.

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There’s a Riftworm skeleton in Gears 3, in the Badlands early in Act Two. At least… It appears to be a Riftworm skeleton. What else could it be? Gas Barge skeletons lined up in rows?

The Kraken seems to be a smaller variant of Riftworms. We have to assume that the “Trinity” refers not to three specific worms, but to three types of worms.

Rockworms, therefore, might be part of the trinity.

Who knows?

My head-canon is that Imulsion is Riftworm guano.

Interesting. I’ve long thought that Imulsion originated as something that fed on Riftworm poop.

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I hear that loud and clear… but at the same time.

The problem here is that i feel like TC made the hunters the swarm Kantus essentially.

I’ll have to sit back and see if the swarm get into religious stuff, like making Ink grenades & Chanting stuff to buff or help their Swarm brethren.