The rewards are terrible

Overall i’m enjoying the game, i play mostly Horde.

However, the rewards are just terrible in my opinion, is gears turning into Fortnite??? expressions, blood spray, banners, flags, none of these are worth my time, very boring.


Just beat Horde on Insane for the first time. Got the same Club icon for the fifth time. Yeah, the rewards are terrible.


Idk they give you something almost every match now. There is good stuff in ToD you just have to work up to it. I think the time to unlock ends up similar to GoW3 for the worth while stuff.

Even having to unlock a voice line that say things like “take the objective” or “pick up that gun”, I mean, were they not able to think of anything else? So boring.

Then there’s the 19 or so pride banners - they can’t be earned from supply drops (I guess they were worried that some people would be annoyed about that), but TC couldn’t bring themselves to just, y’know, make them free? Kinda sucks the good will out of their inclusion.

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Honestly, I think most will agree that most of the stuff in TOD is not worth their time. People want to unlock characters and weapon skins, which this game is severely lacking. Plus, there’s no actual new characters to unlock, just alternate skins. Only thing I’m looking forward to getting is scarred JD, because he actually looks different. Majority of the unlocks are and supply drops you get after matches are banners, marks, and blood sprays,which is pretty lackluster.

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Well they are not going to be giving out premier skins for every supply drop or ToD rank.

The sad thing is that Gears always showed the way. Never followed. Always tried to put there own flare on things. Now they just look at other games and tries to mimic there behavior.


Has anyone ever seen a bloodspray? I haven’t. What about use an emote? No idea how to do that. Markers, well, who takes notice of the shape of them. Really. This is the weak hahaha.

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