The red ring of death

I know the screen turning red is to signify our characters get hurt and dying but a few friends of mine are older and that brightness really hurts their eyes. We want to play horde on harder difficulties but can’t becauae one of the modifiers is the 50% health regen reduction so that red screen stays on forever. Is there anything we can do about this? Im sure some others out there that have sight problems and go through this too.

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You mean the new omen, which now covers the whole screen and cause you run the modifier it stays around even longer I assume…

There’s nothing you can do about it. Apart from giving feedback to TC to change it.

You could try using the colour blind feature. Game may not look the same exactly but it’s worth a shot anyways if you intend to play for extended periods of time.


Thanks everyone. It just sucks it kind of puts my little crew in a bind now and stuck on lower levelsl. Eventually it will kill us for xp and skill cards…