The real reasons why Gears 5 is concerning

Rod Ferguson and the Coalition, all you guys have been making terrible decisions and ruining a game that has had many loving and loyal players since gears 1-3.

I don’t understand why multiplayer got such a huge overhaul. I believe gears 4 nailed it pretty well tbh. It’s too bad the game now caters to casual players based on the combat and maneuver adjustments made, as well as game mode and map changes… which is the biggest slap in the face to the veteran players. Multiplayer now has a hint of casual shooter mechanics like emotes, mvp showcases and other goofy things which take away the gears of war feeling and make it more like a cod game. Its pretty obvious that you guys are trying to bring in new players but the thing is; casual player will just come and play for a while until the next big game comes out and then they will leave without looking back. While the REAL players who actually give a ■■■■ about the game will stay and give you heartfelt concerns and advice to make sure that our game stays in tact… because in the end it is the fans who decide if the game is good enough, and the coalition must listen. Incase you haven’t realized, very few og fans support these huge changes to the game. Very big red flag for you if your loyal fanbase is not on board.

As for the storyline it’s quite simple; no one wants to spend an entire campaign searching for mommy or daddy. And I personally am very disinterested in an entire 3 games about Kait Diaz and her drama filled bloodline and psychological problems. What the fans really want is to return to the classic og full on ■■■ whooping roots of gears and be sent down into a cave system with our squads, take orders from command and give the locust an ■■■ whooping they’ll never forget. Gears of War, not Gears of Kait.

Why change anything, when nothing was broken in the first place? Horde is an udder disappointment to everyone really. You cant split up and hold fort on more than a SINGLE position. If you go anywhere else besides where the fabricator is enemies literally spawn on top of you. A good example of non broken horde mechanics is gears 1-4 blooddrive where 2 players camp one side, 2 players on the other and the last one can go where ever maybe in the middle if its safe. This can be done on many other maps in gears 1-3. Its simple just dont allow enemies to spawn near certain areas of the map where players occupy.

Personally I do not like the class system in horde, the characters being locked to certain classes is possibly up there with some of the worst decisions ever made in these new titles. And Rod Ferguson allowed this to happen, huge shame man. Its obvious fans want to play whomever they want without being restricted to a certain class. If I had any power to change horde for the fans I would literally copy paste gears 3 horde. Just like I would probably copy paste gear 4 multiplayer with the gears 3 medal and unlock system. The Gears 3 medal and unlock system was FAR superior than what is currently in gears5.

Gears 5 is terrible i’m sorry.
LISTEN TO YOUR FANS!!! This is all coming from your most loyal and loving players. If you dont want your game to tank stop changing so much that does not need to be changed and hear us out!


I think they are getting the point. It’s all over YouTube, the forms and now just dropped to 2.7 on the xbox market place.

Here is my review I just posted less than an hour ago.


Honestly TC are done in my opinion. They supposedly know gears and gave us this steaming POS, trying to attain success at the levels of Fortnight instead of just sticking to what makes gears great. TC never buying another TC gears again.


I miss my bro down campaign. I just want the big hench boys back.

The books added a lot of emphasis with the old gang and reviled the extreme phycological troubles of Marcus and Dom, I think the franchise could really do with an actual author to develop the story line, yet gears 5 was an extreme improvement over the GOW4 campaign.

I’m not a horde man so I can’t comment on that but the versus isn’t too bad (the core game play) but the lack of players & unspecified rank system damages the current players base & their desire to play.

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Horde is a letdown to me. The class based system is horrible and I just have tried to like it, but I can’t. I have given it the honest try, I really have but the biggest issue is that class based hero characters just don’t mix. You’re still going to have characters that you rely on. It sucks to be you if you want to be a certain class but you don’t like the character, or vice-versa. Story is not a valid excuse in a co-op vs AI game mode.
Player freedom of choice is paramount and I want the freedom to choose who I want to be and my class. It’s a huge step back from four, and even three. I want them to listen and put it the way it needs to be.

it like Gears,CoD,Halo did a 3 way … and this what happen

Ninja Gaiden and Rare were the reasons I had an Xbox, Gears of War was the reason I had an Xbox 360, the Gears of War franchise is the reason why I have an Xbox One and Gears 5 will be the reason why I will have a PS5 and a powerful gaming PC.

I already have all Sony consoles but there is no reason for me to purchase another console by Microsoft if they continue down this route. All of their first party games and 3rd party exclusives have been mediocre and bad as well.

They ruined Rare, once the best Western developer in the world, and they are ruining Gears of War right now. If MS didn’t have Game Pass this would’ve been their last console like Sega’s Dreamcast.


Yeah I believe they need to get a new writer who understands the gears universe like the fans do. I personally like the linear campaign format better than gears5 tbh. It was just too much walking around, it didn’t feel like gears. But the campaign was alright. It just kills me that TC made us choose who to kill off towards the end while reyna stood right between them, like I would have thrown that blade at reyna, it was the obvious choice for me really! I think Rod should have trash binned this idea to have split campaigns in the next installment and just came up with a good exit for one of the characters, or not kill anyone. But no you pretty much turn the corner and one of the main characters you’ve spent 2 games with dies just like that. Rod doesn’t have his head on straight in my opinion.

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