The ranking system - possible adjustments?

This forum has been lambasted (myself included) with critique of the current tragic ranking system, with what seems to be talented players being unjustifiably punished for no founded reason.
So, how would us as the community like The Coalition to change their current system?

Would we prefer a players overall score to be the leading factor in determining if a player goes up or down?

For me I think it should be based 70/60% if a team wins and leaves 30/40% for individual performance based purely off overall score.

As I play KOTH, having a reliance on K/D ratio would mean people would be discouraged from attempting to break solid rings in an attempt to prevent rank loss, when winning the game itself should always be the most prominent factor in my opinion.

Let’s give them some constructive feedback incase they ever give this place a read.

It is a super easy fix. Just put it back to the way Gears 3/4 were ranked. Simple
I am Silver 2 in execution. I have been diamond in all previous gears.
Execution is the worst ranking placement system out of all and no one I know even has Onyx in it.
Game is good, but the unrewarding of tiers destroys my compensation of time invested making it not enjoyable. All of my friend who love gears will be leaving Friday when Modern Warfare comes out.

Hopefully from the dip when that happens they make a change

Again, the same complaints from this community. There would be merit to this topic if the game was played the way it was intended.
I have played many matches since start… And 99% of them are rigged by the player base. There is no need to complain about ranking when the biggest issue is that gears pvp is not played by thecommunity the way the game was intended with 5v5 and rank in mind.
Every game… it is visually clear (in gameplay and end game scoreboards) that results are manufactured by giving kills/caps/breaks/objective/ROUNDS to the opposite team and vice versa… In essence,extending games unnecessarily to pad stats. The agreement between these individuals from opposite teams include giving MVP to the losing team (the main incentive)
THIS is why rank is broken. THIS is why the game is bland. The purpose is for everyone to want to win!! Not have an outcome already predetermined thru cheating… And then waste a great gametype for insignificant 1v1’s and situations for fake results lol
The saddest part is that it is done in every tier of the game. THIS is why Gears 1-3 (even with all the lag/sponging) feels better than gears 4&5… Because OG’s played the game. Solo/with a friend/5man… It didn’t matter. Everyone played their hardest and tried to beat every single player on the other team at every moment. Ya, some games went by fast…others were EPIC…regardless, it made you get better… And also
What went wrong first…? Online gaming or people…?

@x1Ux_ShakeNBake Unfortunately the guys I usually played with abandoned ship after 3 weeks after just being frustrated with constant technical issues and lack of maps/content.

Is it the case with everyone? Just being stuck in the endless silver loop? Get somewhat close to promotion & then hit with constant -500/1000?

An interesting point actually, not really discussed. In KOTH, in my games I haven’t seen much of this, however when I’ve dared play game modes such as ranked gaurdian almost all of the games ive seen have tried deliberately not to kill the leader to stat paddle.
Perhaps it should be like Rainbow 6? Straight cut win go up, lose go down. Would seem to be the most easiest to implement server wise as well.

I’d prefer that my rank was based on my performance, not my teams performance.

Your rank is supposed to represent your skill of course. If I go 25-5 and lose the game, I shouldn’t lose points because my team was terrible.

I play to win of course, but when you’re stuck playing with people who don’t know how to use their thumbs, it can be hard to win when they’re going 2-12 and zapping all of our respawns