The ranking system is donkey/poop

I lost almost 500 points due the opposing team quitting with one player deciding to stay.
You guys are penalizing the players over crap that we have no control over and at this rate I don’t
think i’m going to ever get pass gold as a guy who plays solo.

Probably should just remove it all together and make the versus system like gears 3.

Only if I could report quitters, like I use to back in the gears 1 days lol

Where were you on the leaderboard at the end of the match? Also no thanks versus leaderboards like Gears 3instead of actual matchmaking tiers is a piss poor idea

Probably second to last on my team. When I saw that the other team left, I stopped participating and just sat in spawn. There was no one to kill lol

It’s actually working betterfrom my experience since the reset on Thursday if you haven’t played since Thursday your first few matches your going to lose rank.

Losing rank due to quitters is a problem in Gears 5 and I hope they’re working on it, but the only way to break even or gain points is to be MVP or 2nd-3rd place in the lobby.

What they should do, imo, is give everyone in the lobby points if someone leaves. Then on top of that you only get those points if you finish the match.

For example, spit-balling a number, give 200 points per quitter. so if 3 people leave everyone remaining in the lobby will be granted 600 points. It will be an incentive for people to stay because leaving means you get no points. You’ll still have quitters, but players who don’t quit get rewarded.

Im sure this could use some tweaks, it was off the top of my head.

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