The Ranking system is broken

I remember watching a video where Ryan explained if you lose a round to a team that has lower players you will lose a lot of score. Which I think is actually ruining the ranking. I just played 2 matches of Escalation. We won the first 4 rounds so one of the opponents left. So we lost a round. We won the next 3. Basically won the game 7-1 but i lost rankings because of that one round lost. How does that even make any sense. This happened two games in a row.

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Yup it’s totally craptastic. Never in my entire life did I think I would say “man I really wish we had the gears 4 ranking system back”


Gears 5 ranking system needs to be fully scraped and they need to revert back to gears 4 ranking system. The system for gears 5 is broke does not make sense, win a match loose points, get MVP loose points. Game is brilliant the only bad point is the ranking system is totally messed up. They should have been able to sort this mess out by now.


Wonder how long it’s gonna take before (Octus) responds to all of this mess. They act like nothing is wrong…

Just played match we won tdm we won 2 to 1 , top player on our team, now at the of the match cog opposite team were top in the results section but goto tier and look in there we were top cog bottom so i lost 819 points work that out…

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You think that is messed up. Try going mvp 3 matches in a row and going up in points, BUT I went down in rank 3 times

This game needs to die you win you lose points mvp lose points doesn’t matter how good you do
Than you got these clowns on like rise-nation gassing the game like best update seriously Lmaooo clowns


Yep, MVP and just lost a ton of points in a single round after someone quit on the other team. 2v2 Shotguns we rushed and lost one round. 7-1 , was MVP and lost points. Broke ■■■ game. I think I’m done holding out hope.

Stop caring and try to have some fun with it.

Blast some emojis at ppl on exe while clutching.

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