The ranking system is an absolute joke

I just went 10-5 in a Guardian match. We won 3-1. I had the second-most points in the game, only like 200 points behind the MVP. I also won the round where I was leader. And how did my rank change? Oh, only NEGATIVE 1,123 POINTS.

The ranks are broken. I reached Onyx in just about every single playlist in Gears 4, and I can’t get above Silver 2 in any playlist in Gears 5 because of insanity like this. I’ve gotten MVP in matches and still gotten negative points. It’s ridiculous.

Fix the ranking system. Now.


+1. ranking system is so flawed right now. you never know when you’re going to get randomly reset like this.

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Yep, ranking sucks in this game, or at least it’s not properly explained.

Hey @GhostofDelta2, I think we’re going to need a main thread on the subject, plenty of threads have been popping up concerning the matter.

Seconded. Things a mess. How is it this hard to make a working ranking system, we’ve had competitive games for many of years :sweat_smile:


Once TC makes their detailed post about how it all works I plan on having a main thread for it.

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Ah nice. I’m curious as to how it works as well so hopefully sooner rather than later.


The ranking is like golf. The more negative you go the better you did.

Im usually okay with the ranking system but just played a game where I was mvp, 17-4 and I lost 450 points. went from top 33 percent to top 80

I may have an idea how it works, though good chance I’m wrong. It’s the only way I can think up any of this makes sense though.

So say a friend and I play a match of ranked. Doesn’t matter which; just an example. Suppose I get 10 kills and die 3 times. He gets 5 kills and dies 6 times. I get MVP in this microcosm. Yet when the post game screen pops up, I’ve got -1 points and he has +16. I rage quit and he shrugs.

Here’s how:
Each member of the opposing team is assigned a number by the computer according to their rank. For kills, the higher player gets a 5 on down to the lowest, who gets a 1. Deaths is the opposite, so highest player is a 1, lowest is a 5.

Say I kill six level 1s and four level 2s. I’m happy because chunks are flying. I earn 14 points.
My friend charges after the leaders and only manages to kill the top dog twice and the second three times. Five kills, 22 points.

My friend, for his suicidal efforts, dies 6 times at the hands of the leader, earning him a negative 6 points (each time the leader kills him, he gets a point subtracted).
I only die when I walk into a trap 3 times, but it’s at the hands of the noobs. These are people I ought to be able to beat, so I’m punished harshly for dying. -5 points each time means I’ve lost 15 points.

Summary: While I get 14 points for mowing down noobs, my deaths at their hands take away 15 points, leaving me at -1 pts. My friend gets 22 points for killing the leader, and only -6 points for getting killed by him, leaving him with 16 points. Even if we win, even if I get MVP, the computer still thinks I must suck and doles out/removes points accordingly.

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It all works via RNG.

Finally we have an explanation that makes sense!

I am literally getting between 1st and third place and winning games and matches and losing hundreds of points a round win or lose. The ranking system seems to be backwards currently or something is completely off. It is dramatically different from how it was 1-2 weeks ago. Please fix so I can work on ranking up out of s2 :slight_smile:

Should be a short one…wizards and unicorns

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youre right that kinda does make sense lol. maybe we are feeding on the low levels

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Jaylin, that’s fairly plausible, but you’d figure it would only happen to you if you’re ranked pretty high. I’m stuck at Silver 2 at best, and from the look of it, you have to be mortifyingly bad to get stuck in Bronze, and just anecdotally, I don’t feel like I’m playing many Bronzes. The team weights are usually fairly close to one another and it seems relatively rare for me to see total noobs out there. But hey, at least that’s closer to a real concept than what I think the ranking system is, which is basically numbers pulled from a hat.

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Would you have to be ranked high? Or just higher skilled? And you wouldn’t have to be killed by a noob or kill actual noobs—just someone who is less skilled enough to be worth the least kill points and take away the most if they kill you.

There are a lot of people who previously were diamonds, onyx, and gold that got stuck or are still stuck in Silver because they can’t seem to get enough points. Those are the people that can mow down silvers/bronzes with impunity, and they would be the ones also not benefiting from said mowing. A silver to a diamond may as well be a noob as far as the difference in skill level is concerned.

Edit: Ah, I think I see what you mean. This scenario only seems to really work if you are a highly skilled or really bad player going up against each other. I think the model still holds up looking at going against someone of your same skill level. You’d just end up in cryogenic stasis, gaining very little and losing very little, which a lot of people also experience.

Basically, we’re all stuck because the system is designed to only let you progress if you can consistently beat better players. So that’s why people feel like they need perfect rounds each and every time.

My experience is that I’ll have a few good matches where I get 2000 points and then I get slaughtered and lose another 1400 points. That kind of extreme fluctuation would be possible at either end of the leaderboard, not the middle.

In order for it to be fair, I think they’d have to change matchmaking to allow everyone a chance at the middle of the pack, having some kind of rotation where you get a tally for each time you the highest/lowest skill levels in a match and then once you have four tallies you get to be the man in the middle where there’s 8/10 other players who will either net you positive points or drag you down, but in a less extreme way.

Or they could change their ranking system back to what it used to be.

There has to be some type of bug. My best games where we win and I’m MVP or second place I’m losing more than 1000 points. In fact one game I had MVP and lost 3200 points. Games that I get whipped I’m losing about 100 points. About a week ago I had 13000 total points and now I’m at 3500. Yeah I’d say there’s an issue somewhere

Yeah, I was trying to make some rhyme or reason out of it, but yesterday I lost 1900 points in a game and 2400 today in one match, 2000 of that in rounds we won. All told I think I’ve lost upwards of 10k points. If this is the system “working as intended,” I’m at a loss. I know I’m not fantastic, but at this rate I’ll be into the negatives for total skill points in a couple matches!