The ranking system explained by someone other then Ryan

Can someone other than Ryan explain the ranking system please. Someone who cant add 5 people to 20 explaining the system is not gonna do a good job. Someone who quits in the last round I get 0 off of a win, meanwhile someone whoe quits last round I get -250 for a loss. TC keeps saying 1 thing but then another thing happens Im f*cking tired of itEdit: I dont need your stu


Yeah it’s been a rough night for hit detection. My usual 9-50 ping is bouncing around 70-100. I think the servers are just a little under load right now. I would do what @D_A_N_III_3_L did and just forget about the game for a while until you have the answers you want from TC in an official post. Meanwhile you can trade gifs and memes with us since we’re all bored.

Im never gonna get the answers I want from TC. Im tired of coming out of a run to be killed by someone who is still running on my screen. If Im in a match on the East Coast servers then I should be the one with the advantage not someone pinging at 85-100. TC seems to think the complete opposite

Im getting 15% for a point blank. People with a worse connection get the benefit of the doubt meanwhile the rest of us suffer. So at the end of the day TC fix your go^damn so the people with the better connection get he kills not the other way around.

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I can’t blame anybody for not playing this game. It takes a special kind of patience to power through the bad parts. Are you mostly a PvE or PvP person?

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PvP. Im jjust tired of coming out of a run to kill someone but I die. If your internet sucks then you should pay for it not the other way around. TC should(but dont know how) have it to where the bettter connection wins. Thats what it comes down to

A lot of PvP games are already like that. It’s why I didn’t play any PvP for the 4 years before this game launched. I was losing because of my poor internet. But I fixed that problem so with my special patience I am able to enjoy this game (in short bursts :sweat_smile:)

Is there any other game you would rather play?

I truly dont care about w/l but when lose a game and you are mvp but yet you still lose 500 points something is wrong

At the end of the day
Ill play most games single player. Gears ruined most pvP games for me

Do you mean you don’t find other PvP games fun because Gears was so good or just tired of PvP because Gears was so bad?

Im just getting pissed because TC said that any round before a quieter will count and every round after wont . Meanwhile I get 0 points for a game with a quitter where we win and any game we lose with a quitter I get negative points

I wonder if a large scale twitter campaign would get their attention.

Most online games the person with the better connection wins. Please ask why this isnt the same for Gears.

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But it is the same albeit only to a degree.

I lose so many battles to a 5ms ping when I have a 55ms. I clearly shoot first on my screen and he’s still roadie running but I die. The issue is when someone is above 80ms which is what you’re frustrated by. A low ping against these players breaks the whole game down.

Sadly, I only get the super low ping when someone with a really high one is present. The rest of the time I get a 55ms and the whole enemy team is below 15ms. My advantage never happens but the enemies is constant. It’s amazing I’m even Masters with all this nonsense.

I just want someone who can add 5 people to 20 without looking at Dana for confirmation to explain the ranking system. Is that too much to ask for???


Just got my ■■■ handed to me a couple hrs. ago. Granted, I’m not great at pvp but what is goin on? I got six kills tonight average per match if that even shooting dead center mass with lancer, gnasher, pistol, hammy, enforcer right next to someone! Other games run smoothly online so it’s not my connection. Stupid Corona chan. I’m blaming this ■■■■■!

Op3 better deliver the goods…

Yesterday on Escape my ping exploded. I was farming enemies for my last task, I had to close the game because of the nervousness. From 50/60 ping to 150. Insane.

I would add trade gifs, memes , making comedy routines here and play DOOM ETERNAL.

that’s pretty much we do here since Gears 5 its boring nowadays. @Nineteenth_Hour

Just played a KOTH match where someone on my team quit within the first 30 seconds. We lost. I dropped 250 skill points. Granted I didn’t perform all that well (3rd place on my team ) but I thought I wasn’t supposed to lose any points if a teammate quits

It only applies to the rounds after they quit, so if you lose the round they quit on you’re gonna just lose points that game.

I did not know about this meme.