The ranked scene

I haven’t been on gears for some time. Like gears 5 dropped and i played it for maybe a week before going to better games. I’ve recently returned and have many complaints. Most of them have to do with the ranking system.

1: knife mechanic is dumb. I hate it. Every time i go to chainsaw someone i just jam my weapon.

2: There isn’t placement matches anymore??? You just gotta fight your way up the ranks. This is mad garbage. Now when a new season starts you could have people who were masters before playing at a bronze level. Absolute trash.

3: let’s talk about tdm… look I don’t know what made you guys drop it from 5 to 4 v4 but it’s whatever i guess. What I wanna know is why i can only squad up with one friend. SERIOUSLY SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME. cause you can 5 man koth and that’s way worse than going up against a squad in TDM.

So now if I Have more than one friend we have to play KOTH or Arcade. Or Gridiron. There is no options which brings me too…

4: WHERE ARE THE MODES AT!!! Cutting warzone makes sense. Nobody played it in gears 4. But what about Escalation or Execution. Both had pretty hardcore players. And no ranked Guardian. What the actual hell gears. might i mention dodgeball and the gun game one don’t make a return either.


5: HORDE IS UNAPPEALING. used to love horde. Gears 3 and 4 perfected the original mode. HOWEVER… now the character you pick decides the class you are. Kind of lame tbh. Not to mention that all characters aren’t available in horde and escape has the same problem. Why can’t i pick my character and class separately??? Dumb design.

6: free for all is cool… i said it. However… who ever thought it would be good for ranked play actually has brain problems. It’s just a giant cluster of death every match. No skill involved. Don’t get me wrong i enjoy having more modes to choose from and free for all isn’t the worst, but it’s taking up a spot that I’d rather see any other mode have. Even warzone.

That’s basically it. If someone can explain any of this to me go right on ahead.

Some will say that they catered to the casual players now.

  1. this is a bug. Who knows when/if they fix

  2. agreed the system needs tweaking

  3. the idea was that squads were wrecking the game mode and making it unfair for solo players. IMO tdm is a more casual mode than KOTH yet benefits the most from having a squad. I’m indifferent personally to this change. As a solo player I do enjoy playing it more but I understand that I’ll have to be god tier to get masters without a squad. I’m ok with that.

  4. I think they’re cutting least played modes so as not to dilute the player base in each mode. I do miss guardian as ranked. They need to get the spawn swap bug fixed though and I would prefer that the team spawns where leader is and leader is unable to be marked like gears 4. Seeing enemies through walls as leader during “ultimate” is ok with me.

  5. In Operation 5 they’re unlocking classes so you will be able to pick whatever character and class combination you want.

  6. free for all was highly requested before gears 5 release. It’s ok for a bit but I agree there seems to be a lot of RNG in it. Ive tried to get into it but it gets boring pretty fast.

Bruh. Your gt…its “you’re”

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Holy hell your right :smirk:

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Ye but i made the gamertag when i was like 9, and I ain’t paying to change it now.

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Want me to pay for it? I can help with that since I have money left over from my New PC build.

i havent played ranked ffa yet but the quickmatch ffa is great to warm up on.

would love to play ffa on raven down and clock tower, i hope they bring those maps in next season.