The rank system need fixing asap before peoples get discouraged

Seriously guys, i don’t think anybody enjoy this so far. Look, i did 2 games of TDM this morning, im silver 3, first one i loose 13 pts but fine, we lost 0-2, it was 2 close rounds and i played well (most pts on my team only loosing the MVP by 100 pts to the best of the other team) .

We fight par t of the same peoples, we win 2-1 this time, i do again a solid game, once again loosing the MVP by a few pts to the same guy as the previous game. I know for a fact i killed more than a died (not counting the elimination system wich im not a fan, just counting true kills) . Yet i loose 63 pts.

Can somebody explain to me what this system is based on? Because we won… i did GOOD, i was in the positive, and im STILL loosing pts and im just a lousy SILVER !!

I was Onyx 2/3 in Gears 4 (depending on modes/seasons), i don’t pretend to be diamond good, but im very annoying to be stuck in a silver bracket. At one point a couple weeks ago finally i had the impression the rank was fixed, me and my friend kept winning and gaining rank, i got to Gold 3, but then next time we played despite winning decisively with good KD we lost TONS of pts and deranked again to what we where before, kinda like it was a mistake or something when we started to win every games and gets lots of pts.

Honestly i find no fun in not being able to progress in rank. I try to brush it off and say "it does not matter, all you should care about is the win and your performance on the scoreboard) but even if i do tell myself that, having that scruby silver rank attached to me bugs me. Because in 4 being a silver meant you either just started your rank placements or you where a scrub.

Its been 2 months since release, i did PLENTY of rank. Its time that it move… especially playing well and winning.