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The Rank System is Confusing

I just got -982 points in a game of KOTH where I was the MVP with 84 kills most caps and we won. Our team was favored by 100ish points. Not sure how seeing as we had a level 1 and a 12 haha.

Can someone explain what’s going on? I haven’t quit any games and I’ve been playing for the whole day getting seemingly random points after each match.

My current rank is a Silver 1. Just went from 6% to 26%.

In Gears 4 I was in the Onyx range. Didn’t play enough through each season to push Diamond. Something seems off here because I just can’t move up. Not that it really matters, but I guess this system is broken too.

it is broken right now. something went down last thursday that started this bs.

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Bro I dropped from silver top 10% tier 3 to now silver top 87% tier 2. It’s broken as ■■■■.