The rank system does not work

the rank system does not work

Please take a loot at the

Also when posting a thread take the time to see if there is a discussion already created of similar topic before creating a new thread. This helps reduce clutter, and keep discussion organized.

Few things to remember when posting on this board, and please follow the Guidelines:

Be Constructive

We want to foster deep discussions, whether it’s between fans or providing feedback to the development team.

  • Add insight into your opinions. Think something is wrong about the game? Provide reasoning and understanding to build a conversation.
  • Consider how your post adds to the conversation before posting. Is it enriching the discussion? If not, step back for a moment and consider the content of your post.
  • Joining existing discussions is a much better approach than starting a new one. Check out suggested threads based on your thread title to find similar topics.

Thank you.