The rank master ember skins

I believe that what the OP is trying to say is that from operation 5 to 6 that have unlocked them from 6 operation 6 from operation to 6 to 7 that have unlocked them from 7 operation 7 from operation 7 to 8 that have unlocked them from 7 operation 7 from…

Oh nothing to worry about. Everyone loves the underdog



I’m due to rewatch that whole series again…

Ok. So what you’re saying is people who got the Master skins in OP5&6 should also be rewarded with past skins like the longshot, enforcer, torque, etc etc???

I think that’s what you’re asking, if so… I’d have to disagree and let you know it probably wont happen. It would entirely defeat the purpose of grinding seasonal rewards if in one season you’re just given all of them. Plus, TC have moved on from the bronze - master system and are now doing leaderboards rankings with a new skin set as the reward.

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Just got done with the Memory World arc yesterday. Binge watched every episode except for the filler arcs. I watched it on the Tubi TV app. They have an ok selection of anime. Probably try to watch a couple episodes of JoJo while I work tomorrow and see if it’s as good as people say

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Broken English.

Yup that’s definitely what OP was trying to say, and I agree with you. I also hope that in the future there will be another chance to grind for those ember skins for players who joined Gears 5 late but that’s just my opinion. Thanks for being respectful btw!

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Will the master skins return or they will not maybe the skins return for free if you have them in the rank system of masters rank we just have wait or they will send like the skins you from rank matches or they will not come back who agrees we should just unlock once getting them from operation 6 or and 5.

With the current rank system no they won’t.

As for the future, ranked skins are not something you can throw in the store.

Highly doubt they’ll return.

PS. If english is not your main language try a translator and if it is, use paragraphs, they help a lot.

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I heard about this thread. I had to see it to believe it.

…it’s worse than I thought.

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I have no idea what’s going on!