The quitting/afking is out of control

What components bug??

Fine, I’ll stay, but dont blame me when the lousey hit detection and lag causes you to lose. However if the game is functioning correctly youll be glad to have me on your team. Let’s hope it’s the latter for your sake.

i was about to make this post but i thought i’d get the response of, “many threads have been made about this.” no, we need more and more threads about this. i literally just got on the forums to see if anyone was talking about this lol.

I play maybe one 5v5 a night.

it is impossible, mind boggling, how we get MULTIPLE people on our teams going AFK or quitting.

quitting - well it could be the game crashing or lagging out but there is still lots of quitting, no doubt about that, but what in the world explains all the AFKers?

I have never seen it be so bad in any game in my life.

Why does TC refuse to do something about it? I’ll say that recently TC Octus said that quitters are going to get punished real soon…but how soon and how?


Had to make a separate reply to list some ideas, just some ideas you can put in the microwave - instant ideas lol

  1. Do NOT let repeat quitters select their weapon and character skins - default skins only, a dunce cap type of system - maybe give them the pumpkin head now then the snowman head then the heart head…so on

  2. quitters play with and vs quitters, see how they like that…this would also increase their matchmaking time…or not since there are like 9 billion quitters currently in gears 5

  3. REWARD those who stay, give us exclusive skins, scrap and even iron for having a low enough quit percentage

  4. show a quit percentage to everyone, in the ally menu or something, that way people get shamed publicly for quitting.

  5. quitters lose xp pts and skill pts severely

  6. quitters have to wait longer to get new ToD objs or lose their privilege of getting one new free obj per day

  7. literally put a pop-up message in the game for those repeat quitters, let them know they are doing something heinous for the community

  8. make them have to actively pay the quit penalty timer by searching for a game…the timer doesn’t run if they exit the game/app - actively pay the penalty otherwise the ban will last forever

This would only be for REPEAT quitters, people that quit very often. this would not apply for a lag out or for a rare rage quit or whatever.

What other ideas can we come up with here?

How do you curve behavior? Punishments AND rewards.

Does TC play their own game? I’m not sure they do and/or they just haven’t gotten around to it with a busy launch. Why do I say this? If they played they would have already implemented something.

You can’t play with friends because it wont find a game, you play alone and risk having dummy 1 and dumber 2 on your team.

They were warned years ago about this but have always refused to listen. Regardless of what you do there will always be quitters, but they also need to address the underlying problems that are causing a lot of people to quit.

There is the server problems, the lag, hit-detection, footsteps audio, shot trading, multiple point blanks not downing someone before you get destroyed, the eSports focus, op weapons, campy map design and the myriad other issues such as team balancing and ranking issues.

These issues have been around for years. We’re still waiting.

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There needs to be a rank level requirement or at least some message for rank etiquette. Koth is getting awful and Really does suck if you play solo. Most of the people on game pass seem to be the ones quitting. After messaging a couple of them talking trash for quitting, at least one replied that he wouldn’t be buying the game.

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If you’re 5 stacking and dropping players on purpose then :eyes:


Your team will thank you. Even if you are bottom of the sludge bucket due to game performance.

I don’t play TDM much at all but having all 5 bodies in the match makes a major difference. Even if it means you’re bait for the enemy while a teammate can take them out. Being short a player means they know there is nobody in that room with me, ready to cross when they enter.

AFK’s are one step above a quit/short slot. They can pose as a tasty free kill and lure an enemy or distract them while you set up. (Though I personally despise them more because they have to purposely touch their controls in order to remain in the match… so it’s actively being a dbag)


The other night I was new boot goofin’ in a KOTH match.

Soon as the match began I had typed:

Initializing hacks

Hax enabled

(Far as I know global chat actually doesn’t even work)
Coincidentally within 30 seconds of the round starting, enemy player quits.

Followed by 2 more teammates at round 2.

That was a painful win. (lost points)

Don’t joke about the hacks!


I’ve witnessed people quitting in approximately 75% of the matches I’ve been in. Never have i seen such a high rate of people throwing in the towel. People are obviously frustrated with it… and i can’t blame them. Between the janky cover/ movement and random nature of the gnasher, I’m about fed up with the game, too.


Please, never touch rank again.

It would make sense if they were losing. If a loss didn’t count against you if you had a quitter, then it would make sense to drop a teammate so the loss won’t count


Too late…


Ya’ll should squad up.

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Yeah probs should. He’ll take your spot on the team.
Consider yourself replaced

All things considered I do pretty well so that isnt exactly a punishment. Well you know, when the game works anyway.

Yeah. Works best without quitters honestly. But then again, what do I know?

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I report everyone that quits to Microsoft via XBOX app.

You would be surprised how effective it is, and MS actually listens and reacts promptly to repeated complaints.


I mean I am not the best out there but I cant be quitting too much.

Damn. I stand corrected.
You sir, are a god