The quitting/afking is out of control

I just played 4 games this morning.

Game 1: 3 people on my team quit in the first round.

Game 2: 1 person on my team quit in the first round.

Game 3: 1 person on my team quit in the second round.

Game 4: 1 guy on my team afk’d an entire round and a half.

I like this game, but what’s the plan to prevent this?

At the very least you could make these games not count against the team who lost a player. This is frustrating and makes me want to drop the game.


I could see this getting abused though. Like 5 stacks purposely dropping one of their players so they don’t loose too may points against a team that is beating them. So basically artificially controlling their rank.
If the punishment for quitting was severe enough, then I guess that could be a good deterrent, but still, I think people would find ways to use it to their advantage.


It’s not like it’s an exclusive problem to any mode heck you can’t even kick obvious trolls or afkers in your own horde room without backing out to the lobby giving up on the match.

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Fair point and probably would be abused if there wasnt a substantial penalty for quitting.

It’s just so frustrating. Maybe it’s time I find people to play with :laughing:

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No I completely get you man. Every game has quitters. It is maddening lol

I am just weary of quit penalties in general tbh. Me and a lot of my friends got unfairly suspended in Gears 4 on multiple occasions, and it was insanely frustrating.

Feel free to add me man

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Will do. I’ll add you on my main account when I get back home.

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I’ve had this happen to me it most of my games too…
And I keep getting put in west US servers… And still getting mvp looool

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I’ll be honest I quit frequently and it’s not because I am a sore loser or because I got killed once. It’s because of the lousy hit detection + latency and I am not going to spend an entire game with shots that opponents just eat. I understand how people will view that as screwing over my team, however I dont think using all the respawns up is beneficial to them either. They really need to fix this issue sooner than later its ruining the game for everyone.

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It’s actually ridiculous. I’ve actually never seen this happen in an online game so much at launch.


Ranked? If you’re joining ranked games and doing that, that’s lame. If you’re having a lot of games where hit detection and latency is a problem, why not stick to quickplay?

I play KOTH exclusively. For TDM, 4v5 is winnable.

In KOTH, a 4v5 almost always guarantees a loss, which is why it’s irritating. In KOTH, if you quit, you literally just wasted everyone’s time, which is a ■■■■ move. It’s less bad in a mode like TDM, but it’s still not nice to do that to other people.


I know it’s a touchy subject but generally when someone is eating up the respawns it helps no one but ensures a loss. I play TDM mostly quick play isnt as competitive. TC needs to fix this mess and quick I have no issue getting stomped if I am outplayed I’ll stick around it’s when I am 99% damaging someone and they turn around and point blank me over and over. That ■■■■ is frustrating and the team would do better without me eating the the respawns. I agree on KOTH it’s not like the deaths are punishing the team.

I haven’t had that many quitting problems in ranked, but to be fair, I’ve not played versus a ton. I’ve had people quit, but usually in games where it was such a blowout one way or the other that it didn’t even make a difference. There should be punishments for people who quit ranked games though.

Just to pile on venting about quitters though, in Horde mode even the freaking AI quits on me. I started a random game on beginner and sure enough, one guy quit in the first 10 waves and by wave 35 it was just me and one other guy. Me and the last guy were pushing on with the AI, but somewhere around 40, one of the AI completely bugged out and just started walking around not doing anything. Then the next round he was gone completely so it was two of us and two AI.

We couldn’t make it past wave 45. Not to say that last AI would have made the difference, but certainly wouldn’t have hurt. Think I’m done doing random queue for horde. It’s just usually a huge waste of time when everyone quits before the end and you can’t even finish.

As somebody who likes the core gameplay, KOTH might be the worst ranked matchmaking experience I’ve had in any game ever. It’s totally impossible to have a competitive game between the system’s complete inability to match players consistently with equally skilled players and the quits that happen every game. It’s completely insane. If TC had just done a 1-to-1 transfer of the ranking/matchmaking system from GOW4, things would be much better.


Theres definitely something up with this game. Even quickplay lobbies seem to have more bots than even Gears 4 does. Its definitely not skill, region, or ping based either. I feel like its spreading everyone out for no reason.

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Do you play PC or console?

I’ve noticed quickplay being filled with more bots as well. In 4, the lobbies would fill up really quickly…doesn’t really seem to be the case in 5, despite the bigger playerbase.


I used to hate quitters because it kind of nulled the match. I needed to play another ‘full’ match in order to continue moving rank. Just a small nuisance.

Now I hate quitters because they completely ■■■■ you over. If 3 fortnite circle jerks jet out of the match this leaves 2 v 5.

That means you basically have to go renegade from your own teammates to kill as many of those 2 as you can while there is time on the clock. Even if you’re already MVP, it won’t be good enough. Simultaneously, there’s only so many times (zero) you can cap a ring that you already capped, so no extra points there…

When the match ends and you luckily skated by into what you think is an acceptable mvp given the loaf of nothing you had to work with… The game says:
You were favored to win - should have done better
You only had 20 elims vs lower tier - should have done better
Only 7 caps - should have done better

And lastly, my own personal conjecture:
Only 2 players on enemy team - should have destroyed them. Your score should have been triple what it normally is because whoever programmed this is assuming it’s me vs these two chuckleheads in a head to head 2 round death match and throws all constraints of Koth out the window.

End of match details - congrats for hanging in a waste of time match and for putting in effort.

Your reward:
-75 points.
Please move to the back of the line.

Estimated wait time for next lobby: 12 minutes.


I’m not trying to be a ■■■■… But stop playing ranked.


If you see me on hit me up I will play. I generally play at a S3/G1 and play a support type role but I am mic’d and wont quit. Not sure what your rank is but I don’t mind playing against higher tier players. I just want to play with people that don’t quit.

I hung in with a guy the other night, just us 2 completed 50 waves in horde, I wish they’d fix the dam campaign, the components bug has me ready to uninstall this trash!

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