The PvP connections are the worst they've ever been!

Absolutely abysmal.

Inexcusable and lazy.

Only REAL problem in the game, and not only hasn’t it been addressed/fixed since launch, but somehow manages to end up functioning twice as bad as it ever did.

I can’t be the only one who notices how bad the connections are lately.

It’s like trying to fix a hole in a dam by making another hole in the dam.

Anyone defending the current state of the game should be considered clinically insane.


Haha. Yea. Its the reason why I shave my head now. This game made me pull all my hair out! On top of bad code, and horrible servers. Extending the GIB range,and adding chips shots when you are not exposed behind cover made it substantially worse.

Turned this game in a glitchy, laggy, poke down game. Easy chip shots without trying. No skill what so ever. Pretty pathetic play. TC needs to make the GIB range short like 5ft. And cut down the poke and chip shots. Then it might be playable.


Yeah I mean it’s not going to get any better. The netcode is bad, even with a healthy player population. Combine it with a dwindling player count? It’s abysmal. I don’t even try anymore because the game and its developers have no respect for its playerbase’s time. I’m not wasting half of my available time to play waiting in lobbies.

Remember when Dana said they’d have the network guy on the dev stream? Oh yeah they’ve been promising that for months and months. These guys lie to our face.


Packet loss on almost every match, jammed screens, server disconnects and lag so bad it can take 3, 4 or even 5 seconds to register a hit.
Then we have “intelligent matchmaking” so one team has 5 players and the other has 1 with 4 bots and of course pretty much every match I play now the server gives one team a huge advantage with hits, accuracy and damage so that team wins by a massive amount.
Is it really too much to ask that Microsoft actually fix their game ??.