The Problems with Arms Race

I like Arms Race don’t get me wrong but the biggest issues with it are the spawns(go figure) If your gonna be spawned right on top of a battle then you shouldn’t have spawn protection. If anything maybe 3 seconds. Also a melee shouldn’t count as a kill towards the current weapon count. Just my opinion


Or if you do have spawn protection, you also can’t hurt anyone for that duration.

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Arms Race in this game has always been a matter of murdering everyone after you spawn behind them. When it was in ranked and some of my friends got into the onyx ranks, it was intolerable. Just camp, camp, camp until someone dies and spawns behind, then it’s a complete mess until everyone re-camps.

I thought TC was gonna fix this because it was well known since day 1 that this was the biggest problem with this game mode. Another opportunity to prove you listen to the fans, another dropped ball. This game mode has a lot of potential


The spawning and spawn protection straight up ruin the gamemode. It’s absurd


My issue with it is that it doesn’t work as a team game. It’s much suited for FFA. Plus, it sucks when you get a kill with a melee it counts as a kill with the weapon. I believe in Judgment if you pulled that off it wouldn’t grant you a kill. Why they got rid of that I’ll never know.

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The problem with Arms Race… its ■■■■.

I agree this mode is disappointing due to the spawning with protection for way too long. It needs to be cut minimally in half or disappear as soon as you fire. Another idea would be a way to make your protection visible. You cant tell who is protected or not in a fire fight and its maddening when you spend your precious seconds firing at an immune enemy when you could have shot the unprotected person next to him/her.

not just that, you spend what little ammo you have on them as well

My question is why did they bring back arms race? It’s fun at times i understand, but it shouldn’t be a ranked type play. The spawns are terrible and I rarely ever saw people asking for it to be back. From what I remember it was a dead game mode. Coalition needs to stop listening to the few and listen to the majority. At least keep us posted on the patches or tell us the truth. Such a disappointment


Trying arms race for the random fun of it and holy hell, hahahaha, who’s idea at TC was it to have spawn protection included in the ranked version?

I have to almost pretend it was an accident that it was left in and not a calculated move.

Arms Race was only brought back to make it easier to get a few more diamond ranks in playlists.

On a humor note, this tells you how much they think the snub s**cks, it’s not even in the weapon list lol! Yes on the spawn topic it is terrible as many of the other playlist spawns are terrible.

Is it easier to rank up in Arms Race as opposed to other game types? By rank I mean bronze, silver and gold type ranking

Red Faction Guerrilla had a simple solution: spawn protection gets cancelled the moment you start shooting. Might’ve been in another game too

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I’ve been thinking :thought_balloon: this as a possible solution.
I’ve suggested it for other game modes too.

This ^^^^^

I could totally did a arms race as a free for all… Or just give us a free for all period

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You see, a lot of people arent too bright to do this, but if someone is down prior to or just as we are about to have a changeover, I will wait till the changeover happens and then kill them for a free kill.

Most people will just continue shooting a DBNO enemy even as the countdown happens.

This isn’t a problem with just Arms race, its in almost every single game type. For example games like annex where the enemy team would spawn very close to the circle, and they would just rush the circle and kill everyone and take it over or like TDM on raven down, where the map is already tiny, and you have a long spawn protection. I agree that the spawn protection needs some sort of revision.