The problem with Gears 5 Horde. My Personal opinion

I have seen, read and heard all the comments made about Horde in Gears 5, and yes, most of them are true, the bad ones. And a few of the good ones, maybe.
If you are going to have a class based system, then that is what you should have, you can not have a half ■■■■ system where you try to please everyone, it does not happen, no one is ever truly happy. In Gears 5 Horde, you have a class system, and might I add, a pretty bad one at that too. Firstly, you disrespect the Scout and the Engineer, and as for the other classes, I got to admit to paying little attention to them.
Ok, so the Scout, Energy, positively the most important part of the game, and the Scout is designed to collect and dump the Energy to feed the Engineers job of building. This role the Scout has is almost redundant in Gears 5, it is a waste of a character and with it a waste of time. And no one like wasting time on a game. So, fix it, let the Scout have a permanent position in the game and be the only character to collect Energy, give the Scout the respect it deserves, let the player enjoy the role and be the Scout. I must end this topic on the Scout as something many have wondered… Why call it a Scout, because Tank would be the best name, because you are out there in the middle of it collect Energy right under the noses of the Enemy, a Scout is a lightly armed fast moving recon unit.
The Engineer, another role that needs a permanent slot in the game, and another character so important in the game, it needs no introduction, yet again, disrespected. Fair enough, in Gears 5 it is an improvement, yet still others can build from the Fabricator. Speaking of which, the Fabricator should be positioned by the Engineer, after all he or she is the one building from it, or at least should be. The Engineer should be the only one building Fortifications and Sentries (and what happened to the bloody Turret), as well as repairing. Jack is acceptable for repairing, and more than likely the only one to build the Forge, after all, it is his job.
One important fact about Gears 5 Horde is the Energy distribution, it is completely dumb, each class except the Engineer uses Energy to upgrade their own abilities. This is wrong, a waste of Energy and worse, causes players to be selfish, there is enough toxicity in games as it is, making players horde Energy for their own reason in a team based game is just taking the piss.
In short, Scouts and Engineers are disrespected, should have their own permanent slot in the game and each specialise in their own field, such as Scout collects and dumps Energy, Engineer builds and repairs.
The Energy distribution is flawed beyond idiocy and using Energy for upgrading player skills is just plain dumb.
Also, there should never be any more than one Scout or Engineer, the single character thing was a good idea, but to be honest, The Coalition did get that wrong, it should be, as above, just the one Scout and Engineer.

These are my own personal opinions, and I may have rattled on too much, but I am not the only one that believes in this.
To finish off with, I did not mention Jack, I am not a fan of Jack, but he has his uses, the fetch and carry part is extremely useful, but as in Gears of War 4 Horde, people just do not play their roles correctly. The same thing is evident is Gears 5 Horde. But that is The Coalitions fault, for not sticking to the class system as a whole, hence this post.
TLDR… Tough, read it, or do not. Just do not post your ridiculous comments if you have not read the posting. You might as well be a developer in The Coalition disrespecting the Scout and Engineer in the game.


The problem with Engineer and Scout having permanent slot in the games, especially how you see it, would make them nadatory. If we add Jack to that we already have 3 out of 5 slots that “has to be” filled. It was like that in G4. If you didnt have engineer you could just as well leave the game. They wanted to get away from that so now everything is useless :smiley:

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The engineer is already nearly mandatory in 5 with how you cannot upgrade anything at all. And limited building restrictions for every character. Kait caneven build anything at all. Go on, try anything above Intermediate without a Del. I’ll wait for your experience for when Wardens get into your base after wave 30, wreck everything and force you to go out into a ridiculous mess full of Leeches that down you in two hits and have laser guided seeking built in, while you’re having to avoid Rejects and Drones with Hammerbursts. Then you can’t restart upon the nearly inevitable failure because it is such a great idea to make the very first active modifier prevent any and all restarts. Because that’s so fun. This restriction you want for building only serves to enforce fabricator monopoly and allows the engineer to ignore the team even more than the class already can now. Aka even more Sentry fests where no one but the engineer who didn’t build anything but those and barriers gets kills.

And Scout DOES NOT need to be everyone’s stupid workhorse whose only purpose is to collect power. Kait doesn’t even get any bonus whatsoever for power, only for when enemies are near her. And that’s a minimal bonus at best for anything but the biggest power stacks. I, for one, appreciate you can at least have a more offensively oriented role, instead of being busy playing “Pac Man” for hardly any reward or entertainment, if you want to. Like it or not, but Scout in Gears 4 was nothing more than a pain as soon as you went into Hardcore and upwards. Let everyone pick the stupid power to just make the game less of a chore. Bad enough they still want us to go pick it up in the first place. Making it so only the Scout can pick it up - again - would be a step backwards enough to make me abandon Horde completely or just never play Scout which would also mean I would never get to play my favorite character in Horde.

And you ever hear about player choice? That what they said would be the center point focus of Gears 5? I don’t see it anywhere. Only restrictions. Which you want to double down on. Don’t expect your topic to gain much support here. Your “suggestions” would only serve to degrade the Horde experience even further, ontop of the many issues it already has in Gears 5. “Scout” in Gears 5 - and in other games which have this kind of system - does not mean you have to be something just waiting out until the wave has nearly passed to go out and pick stuff up. They have a right to be killers too. What you want would just copy and paste the chore that it was in Gears 4.


All they gotta do is add an option to play classic gears 2 styled horde. No powerups no classes no floating robots and for crying out loud just remove the standard dbs. The rejects and stuff are fine im so sick of fighting robots. Even in the story the dbs are no longer an enemy. The swarm are cool enough but if you wanna go above and beyond put more factions like locust and lambent back in.


It has reverted to Gears 2 Horde - fight for survival. Which was great in Gears 2, but Gears 3 horde was a big improvement, and Gears 4 was even better. Gears 5 may as well have not bothered.

  • No one puts power in the fabricator and uses it on their own upgrades - that are overpriced
  • you can’t purchase any weapon you want, just ones your class uses
  • no one builds fortifications as only one class has access to all of them
  • fortification controls are useless and more difficult to place
  • out of 7 difficulty levels, level 2 means you will end the game if you all die and can’t start from that wave
  • wave 7 isn’t even a meme anymore, it is just ridiculous
  • the power traps take too long to take power from so you can’t use it anyway - as to why no one else does

There are too many changes with Horde and I don’t think they will be able to make it more like Gears 4. Too much has been added and altered. I think we will have to wait for Gears 6 to see what Horde is like then to get any real changes.


If scout was the only player that could collect energy, that would suck. Because that person would not be able to just play the game, everyone would depend on them to collect the energy and there is no way they can collect it allin time. Plus, what if the scout quits?? Then no-one can collect the energy at all.


Lol. Gears 5 horde is a direct response to all the complaints about Gears 4 horde. People who didn’t like speed runs or those that were jealous over the amount of credits speed runs accumulated often fussed about sentries and not being able to kill enemies themselves. You literally had the ability to play any style you wanted, but people had to hate on others play style. I said many times, do your own lfg and play how you wanted. Nope, people kept complaining and what we got was Gears 5. Enjoy!


Nothing actually stops an engi from abusing cooperating teammates and spamming Sentries in this Horde either, though. Especially if there’s a Jack running a Forge.

And the way it’s made, well, it kind of forces you to hide behind them and spam heavy weapons anyway. So in that regard it’s actually worse than 4.

How do you “abuse” cooperating teammates?

Anyhow, sentries are much more expensive in this game relative to power, and to get a level 4 forge fast means no sentries for a number of waves.

You are right, sentries can certainly be part of the game, but in no shape is it similar to what was possible to buy and maintain in Gears 4.

Point stands that Gears 5 is the response to undue criticism of Gears 4 horde. The freedom was there to play as you wished. People chose to complain about how others played.


Take a Del. Take players who willingly give most of the power for base building instead of personal perks(which don’t seem worth it beyond Level 5). Then picture that Del only building Sentries and barriers but no lockers. There’s what I mean.

Lol. I pretty much gave up on public horde runs.

LFG or nothing.

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They sometimes are decent. But yeah, it’s a crapshoot 90% of the time. Haven’t even played a single game where there hasn’t been a quitter. And the AI bots, while useful, should not be trying to roam around outside the base boundaries if such AI behavior can be implemented on them.

The largest issue is one character per match+characters being locked to a class. This is going to be an absolute ■■■■ storm every single time a new character is added, mark my words.

Having characters locked to classes has a lot to do with the lack of scouts and engineers too, not everyone likes Del and Kait, but like engineer and scout, see the problem? Beyond that, not being able to play as who you want because someone else is playing that character just has people up and leaving lobbies entirely.


No the problem with Horde is that someone up at TC thought “lets tie characters to classes!! That’s totally a smart move! Y’know, restricting our playerbase even more!”


I certainly hope they don’t make it like Gears 4 horde. Which was just a sentry, turret, hammer of dawn, sniper strike fest. Why bother trying to survive as a team when sentries and strikes can do it all for you. That was painfully boring.

By the way, in the custom lobby browser lobbies you don’t have to use the survive modifier and you get players who know the best way to survive all 50 waves is to put the power in the fabricator.


Was it really that hard to make a LFG and find like minded people?

This is why we have the class system now.

All people wanted to do in LFG was speed runs. Anyway, the lobby browser has been a blessing in finding better experiences for me.

Im still happy that TC listened to feedback and as a result Im enjoying Gears 5 horde moreso than Gears 4.


Exactly. No one wanted to play your way, so they changed the game to support the minority.

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Tell me, were character locked classes, near uselessness of handheld weapons on higher difficulties and no duplicates restrictions part of your requests?

I like the fact its more like gears 2.
But at times it like it’s full of new players that don’t know, how to play horde.
The classes don’t really bother me.
All I want to do is play horde. The faxt it’s like gow 2 is almost a god send.
The thing I don’t like is engies demanding energy and melleeing. E or messaging me to put it on the fab. When I share my power between perks and the fab.
Custom lobbies are a god send at times. I find people more used to how, horde works and people tend to jip.

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