The problem w/ Gears 4 loot boxes

Outside of the potential to spend real money and get screwed on the rng, what were your biggest complaints and why did TC move away from this system?

I never purchased the boxes and only used game credits, which might be why I never felt shafted. Annoyed I couldn’t get the card/skin I need, sure.

If I got a skin, card, or bounty I didn’t use I could scrap it. Eventually I welcomed all skins and Horde cards as I tried to play all classes and could scrap anything superfluous.

It was almost a ritual to compare how the rng treated us at the end of the session, eager to see what player got greens across the board and who left with all the epics/legendaries.

It could have used improvements but generally I liked it. Interested in your feedback.

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Personally, I enjoyed the lootbox mechanic. Though I only used credits to get them.
If the event packs had a limited loot pool(Ex: the character & event weapons skins only) and no duplicates, the system would’ve been perfect.

Yeah I had no issues with the gears of war 4 pack system. I played tons of pvp so I always had plenty of credit to buy packs. It makes the pay system in 5 look like a joke.


It was the RNG I guess. Some people would be able to acquire what they wanted super quick, others would take lots of time and credits, and others did not at all.

The Gear Packs also appeared for a time limited period, so this put pressure on players. It also inadvertently spawned speedruns as players wanted to generate as many credits as possible.

I personally spent nothing on the normal customisation packs - only on the Black Steel ones. But then I did quite a few speedruns myself.


They do seem better mainly because you had the chance to get all / most content just by playing the game. At times you could be favored by the RNG gods,ignored by them or punished. You could get everything with 12000 credits and hear your buddy scream after spending 85000 credits and not get Myrrah while I’m laughing my ■■■ off with all the golden cards I got.

This system is not so “consumer friendly” with its ridiculous prices but most of all by locking a big chunk of the overall content behind a pay wall. Some items are meant to be purchase only and that is fine but when the “some” translates into “most of them” then it doesn’t seem right. Black Steel in G4 was what, 5% overall content? The store on G5 seems to have easily 30% of all the content released so far and I’m not even mentioning the limited availability ■■■■■■■■.


Loot boxes are gambling. Just pure slot/fruit mahcines mechanics, tuned to rinse you to the max.

Now gambling with fake money?
Fine, it’s not real. Play that free poker app to your hearts content.

Gambling with credits you can purchase?
Not cool and is just in fact actual gambling. Gambling that has laws to stop the kind of shady shifting drop chances that loot boxes contain, Laws to try to protect vulnerable people who are prone to wasting all their money on what is classed as an addiction.
Until loot boxes are legally considered gambling and subject to gambling laws they need to stay the hell out of games (and for me they can just stay away then as well, but at least they would be regulated to stop the shadier side of it).



The Rng.

The amount of credits you needed to counter the rng. So you did Horde speedruns.

The greediness (Halloween 2016, Gearsmas+UIR packs, Horde Expert packs)

The prices of the lootboxes.

The only redeeming feature was the sounds when you got a Legendary :joy:

I used to spend 10-100 k of credits to get everything and sometimes I don’t get that character forced to play horde more than I wanted to being busy real life didn’t help I be stuck playing with gears 4.when I want to play an different game at least with the battlepass you have three months to do it. Meanwhile with loot boxes it be up for 2-4 weeks max The battlepass for sure needs better rewards and they should be a way for playing to earn free iron after they hit their general. Players still get free daily tour challenges but nothing in return for already have an max star cap. they should give at least 10 free iron or bonus scrap a little bonus reward for hitting general early.

Lol loved it.


The main issues for me were as follows:

  1. Horde skill cards being walled off by RNG.
  2. The limited amount of time we had to obtain skins via feature packs.
  3. The dilution of pack content with emblems etc.

Ultimately they were designed to encourage players to purchase additional packs with cash so they could avoid either the grind or missing out on content entirely (the worst & shadiest example of this was the UIR pack fiasco).

Although it’s far from perfect I do prefer the current system as it at least gives a direct line of sight to the majority of earnable content. I know exactly what I need to do to earn content via TOD & Totems and although there is still an RNG element to horde skill cards, getting access to the initial card relates to character progression only.

I would prefer it if the objectives given to earn content were less grindy and I’m not comfortable with promotional characters (rather than just skins) being held behind a paywall but overall it’s an improvement on the Gears 4 system.

THIS. We do not need kids & teens wasting money gambling and getting that “taste” so young. What will this do to them at an older age…?? It’s beyond me how someone has not stepped into the gaming world and put a stop to loot boxes altogether. It IS gambling, which is proven to be addicting and ruin peoples lives.


I honestly didn’t have a problem with the gear packs in 4. Mainly because I didn’t collect all the weapon skins or characters. I only kept a few weapon skins that I liked and I only used one character every time for COG (Sam) and Swarm (Locust Sniper). Everything else was scrapped in order to upgrade horde skills at a faster rate. Obviously I can’t do that anymore in 5 with the removal of loot boxes. Scrap can only be earned from supply drops now as long as you get duplicate of anything, but that’s not enough for me. I’m not going to waste almost 3 hours playing a horde match on insane or above just to end up with a bunch of green cards at the end and maybe one purple card. These are some of the reasons why I stopped playing horde awhile ago.

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Hated it just because the animation to open one and reveal what you got was tedious.

Got to the stage where I had loads of credits banked but couldn’t be bothered to go through the grind of opening them.

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Anything that involves RNG and money is never good. The current Totem system is fine, it just needs some fine tuning.

For example they can adjust the challenges, and maybe allow for more than one Totem to be active at once, or challenges that cross over.


And more variety in totem objectives. It’s very lazy when all 4 totems feature several objectives which are identical, yet they don’t count across all totems. At least give each totem different objectives.

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What??? A thread about the trash RNG lootboxes of Gears4 and we don’t have @SaintGilliam, its champion and knight in shining armor, coming to the rescue? That can’t be right… :rofl:

In all seriousness OP, I’ll try to keep it short.

RNG lootboxes in any way, shape or form is garbage. Don’t care if you managed to unlock every skin and Jesus himself in 4, the fact that you had to succumb to the whims of an RNG based reward system was terrible to say the least.

Thank the lawd the industry, along with TC/MS, is moving away from such a pathetic reward system. Let’s all just wave goodbye to it and forget it ever existed.


Yeah bud it was a great system, Way better then this system now. I dont understand the hate honestly.


I only agree with this if we’re referring to the loot box system as a purchased item. Many people paid for them, though I didn’t- which may explain why I harbor no hate for the old system.

Despite the rng, everything rewarded was useful even in the form of scrap, and certainly more useful than the 5 scrap supply drops we get in 5. Even duplicate skill/bounty cards provided that much.

I understand the frustration of not getting the skin/skill you wanted but feel like there were so many alternatives that it wasn’t a big deal - plus you could build almost all of them anyway.

Again, totally different ballgame when you’re buying the packs. If you’re the type of player that regularly buys content I can see why 5’s system might be more appealing. At least you know what you’re getting with your purchase, even if it’s overpriced and placed at higher priority than content that should’ve been released with the game or w/ a special event.

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I get your point, but I prefer to be able to work towards something I know what the end result will be, rather than amass currency to buy RNG lootboxes in the hopes that I’ll get something that I want or something decent at least.

Tbh with you, the lootboxes were the main reason why I quit 4 only about a couple of months after release, and the only reason I got into 5 is because I’ve learned that they had removed them. I honestly can’t stand them. Not in Gears, nor any other game.

I know that the current system (ToD)has little to no compelling rewards attached to it, but I’m pretty sure that as time goes by and TC hopefully creates better rewards and maybe tweak the challenges a bit, people will start to appreciate it a bit more.

@SaintGilliam Ah there you are bud. I was getting worried there for a sec. :grin: