The Predator in the Gears of War Universe

Imagine if the Predator arrived on Sera during the Locust War. Boy, would it have a hunt. And it would be cool to see a Predator go up against Delta Squad. It’ll be like the movie, the Predator going up against macho, muscular, badass soldiers.

No, thank you. It would just be a remake of the first movie. With chainsaws.

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Hmmm…doesn’t work quite the same.


GB…you son of a B***h :joy:

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Then another Predator shows up during the timeframe of Gears 5 and begins a new hunt. “Jack, pulse!” Dead Predator.

Duffman/Dillon. We could make it work :muscle::joy:

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Or how about Xenomorphs? I’d love to see the results of acid spluttering on The New Day’s faces as they make a terrible joke and chainsaw one of them.

Screaming in agony, in terribly designed armour, as their hideous faces are improved upon.

Too much? I beg to differ.

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Did you ever look at my social feed on Xbox, you remember I said I got MVP with each one of TND…I screengrabbed! Oh and I had them doing various “gestures”
…I’m so sorry mate, I was having a bad day :+1::smile:

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Absolutely ■■■■■■■ not! No more crossovers with other franchises.

Oohh… this bit leaves me torn…

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I did yes, and I guessed it’s why you sent me screenshots of being MVP as the Queen. Pure utter GUILT :joy:

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I agree.

I know. Yeessss. I agreeeee.

I do agree that future Gears games shouldn’t have crossovers, but too a point. What I mean by that is if there is going to be a crossover, the characters should come from XBOX exclusive games, like the way they did it with Halo: Reach. With Terminator, it was just shameless marketing for a movie I didn’t really care to see.

As for celebrities being playable characters, I’m not a huge fan, but if they were to do it again, I think it should be limited to actors who could actually portray the characters in a live action series, like Dave Bautista as Marcus. HOWEVER, NO ONE CAN PLAY AS COLE TRAIN EXCEPT LESTER SPEIGHT! That’s HIS and ONLY HIS character!

“Could” being the key word there, and it leaves alot of room for subjective views. I personally thought Batista looks and sounds nothing like Marcus, and I know I’m not alone in thinking that. But I also accept some people think he does (but then again three unrelated people in my life thought I used to look like Matt LeBlanc in the early 00’s, which I absolutely don’t and never have - so pinch of salt and all that…). All we know for sure is that Batista is a big GOW fan.


You’re definitely not. He was far from what Marcus looks like, in terms of facial features, but VERY far from what he sounds like. His voice just isn’t deep and gritty (yes, vivã la ‘06) enough. He’s basically Tai Kaliso mimicking Marcus badly. Bautista is great in the several movies I’ve seen him in but his vocal range is very limited and it doesn’t work at any point in the entirety of the Gears 5 Campaign (“■■■■ the f**k up, Fahz” was awful).

I appreciate his passion and it’s great to see. But getting his own character was enough. The efforts put into putting him in Campaign like that are better spent elsewhere next time.

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If there actually was a live action series or film, we all would hate it and wouldn’t want any of that in our game.

I would like a Chris Hemsworth skin for Gabe, he would be great for a live action adaptation of Gabe

Predator vs Locust would be thrilling, until RAAM fought it hand-to-hand and left its corpse to rot. A Predator vs Skorge would be like the Spider-Men accusation meme.

Predator vs OG Delta squad? It might manage to kill a single one of them, and then the rest would hunt it.

Predator vs new Delta? If JACK isn’t involved, that Predator would kill everyone one by one until the last Gear used everything they’d learned to ambush it. And if JACK is involved, Bloomy said it best:

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We’re not asking the important question of Predator vs Scorpio here.

There are a lot of good crossover ideas, and I wouldn’t be opposed to the fortnite route of just literally doing every single crossover imaginable but I don’t know if I’d have Predator that high on the list.

edit: Crossovers in GoW as a concept have been absolutely ruined so far. We’ve gotten like 4, and they’re so random that it’s actually kind of comical. Two c-tier rappers, some random WWE people, Terminator characters, and Halo characters.

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The locust Terminator made for a great skin tho… had people raging. 10/10