The Pool of Quality Players Is Low - A Problem For Gears of War And The Future of Gears PVE - If you get kicked all the time this is for you ,,,

Gears of War is a niche and detailed high skill game with a big pool of casuals.

It’s increasingly worse that a lot of players when it comes to Horde and even Escape just don’t care or troll.

Why do players not read lobby names?
Why do players not play the characters properly?
Why do players join custom games and show no respect or regard to the team/host already playing?
Why do players move barriers around when they are not engineer?
Why do players buy perks and engineering equipment without asking?
Why do players not care to engineer properly or use common sense in situations?
Why do JD’s join Masters game and use enforcer?
Why do Jack’s not understand burning weapons on Masters is vital? - Not hijacking and zapping …

When it comes to Escape you got idiots joining custom lobbies and not team playing, running ahead, not reviving, picking melee characters like Cole and Emile and taking 4 amo boxes. Why? - And they complain when they get kicked and banned. There’s just no brain in the head of some people.

The overall games enjoyment becomes an on going problem for serious/veteran/regular/ Gears of War players of PVE as so many bad.

Bad players who join games and just don’t care to play Horde properly. It’s not a big ask,

I’m not the greatest player but I have maps true mastered (not as jack or on frenzy, but as a proper character and with the tick - true completion 50 waves) with some willingness to learn how to play properly in the team.

There are many bullshitters who talk the talk but don’t walk it … who say they’ve done Masters and you can tell they are lying or never did a true completion or did it on frenzy or as Jack or just on Forge. Veteran players can see this a mile away.

Why is the bar so low? I see pages for Masters but very rarely not Forge. Is that all people can do/aspire to? Forge … It’s hard to put faith in a Del or JD or even Lizzie to a random player cause the player pool is so poor for the reasons stated in this thread and more.

To not even bother typing in chat or use that free headset that came with the Xbox.

It’s not good kicking people but it has to be done and any serious horde players know all this and more.

It’s sad cause this is the best version of horde ever. It requires true team play, communication, a plan and skill. Something a lot of Gears of War players can’t be bothered in. What TC has delivered as PVE even in it’s early stages for Gears 5 rocks. Escape + Horde is extremely detailed with longevity to play properly and differently every time.

Why do so many players not appreciate this?

Thank you for reading.
Please discuss.


I find it difficult to play Horde sometimes. I get kicked often and two had ‘Avoid Me’ status on profile. Some hold grudges even after several months of not coming across them. When one wasn’t host, they just typed in chat “sheeta” or “cheeter” and just ask to kick… even when I have no issue being in the same match. I don’t know what their issues are. And then there’s lack of quality players as you say, like a Re-up 17 Baird not building Forge for Jack until Wave 10+ on Master Canals. Some may wish to play different games for mean time.


It’s a symptom of the game design.

I will link a thread below of a Gears 3 player trying out Gears 5. The systems in this game seemed so convoluted when I was trying to explain them in that thread.

This complex web of economies and content has the effect of winnowing out anyone who feels put off by those systems and only 2 groups remain: those who learn the new systems and those who just dip their toes into the shallow end of the pool.

The thread to which I was referring:


Destiny, Warframe are not just as bad. ?

I’m not comparing it to Destiny or Warframe, but let’s do just that since you brought it up.

Warframe is a free to play game across multiple platforms and it has been in constant development for almost 10 years, back when it was supposed to be the game that eventually became Dark Sector. The Warframe of 2013 is not the Warframe of 2020. They’ve added a ton of quality of life features, to the point that I even tried it out. It’s very easy to play once you get past the tutorial.

Destiny has un-impeachable gameplay and is made by Bungie, who have piloted the Halo franchise to enormous success so they’ve perfected the FPS gameplay loop. It’s true that Destiny (1 & 2) have horrible grinds and an amazingly painful and convoluted system of currencies but it’s easy to pick up and just kick ■■■.


Warframe: easy to pick up and kick ■■■.
Destiny: easy to pick up and kick ■■■.

Gears 5: “Grind for several days and you might be fully effective in PvE with one Hero, RNG willing.”


Their issue Mate is that you used the asylum exploit with pup to reach your lvl 50 reup than you both put yourself on the catwalk of icebound and took a picture to show the rest how good you are. No bother to me as I don’t care about what you did, but you can see how some people might have a problem with that.


I gave Destiny up. It was hard to navigate to do anything. The menu’s were bad. Warframe I guess is to pick up but be honest, do either games have the real level of detail Gears has?

I agree with you on everything. This is the best version of horde by far. It’s made to be played as a team as horde was intended to be and not bunch of trigger happy Gnasher junkies running around trying to kill everything. Horde is a game about strategy and team work , people don’t seem to want to do that.


You get it. You must be a true horde player.

The rest just want an easy casual run through but Gears 3 horde is long gone.


Yes, Warframe has an immense amount of detail, and I’m saying that as someone who only played for a few hours. It’s a space opera.

I skipped Destiny 1 because the demo was boring. I played Destiny 2 for several months. Neither game restricts your arsenal (except Exotics).

Compare that to Gears 5. The restriction on arsenal, fabricator purchases, duplicate characters, etc etc. This type of game design does not keep players around.

I suppose Gears 5 can try to do what Destiny 2 does and get rid of matchmaking and social lobbies for master (Destiny 2 has no matchmaking for Raids). To support Master, Gears 5 would need a robust clan system like Destiny 2.


Yeah I understand this feeling mate. I’m now retired from Horde as there is a lot of frustration involved. A lot of it is down to boredom though, because I already played it to death. With a new update, I’m sure I will be back.

Still, an excellent game with a huge amount of fun to be had if you manage to get a quality squad together.

I’ve found plenty of other games to keep me entertained where I don’t have to go through the long lobby process just to get started, or hope/wait for trusted friends to come online.

With 120 completions, not all on Masters(Around 45 Masters) been playing everyday since launch and love it. Only play horde, sometimes escape. It’s hard to find time and people who wanna do masters. I’m in Australia and all my friends are in US.


The problem with this game is that it is too repetitive and stale. No new interesting game modes and mostly grindy feeling objectives with boring rewards. The franchise is 14 years old and it will become boring for people that have played it from the start - they don’t find it interesting or fun to play after playing all the previous titles to death. Game pass has introduced people that want something else to try whilst being stuck at home. There’s not much you can do with that and it’s probably true across other multiplayer games on game pass right now.

I know very high skilled players that used to play but the start of gears 5 made them feel like it wasn’t worth all the time required to simply unlock a few characters, let alone having to level up them up and then get cards to make pve fun - they did it all before on gears 3 and 4. The totem unlocks are now easier but levelling up characters for pve is mostly long winded and boring. Running the surge or the clock continually is not fun once you have done it a few hundred times.

My last point, and I’ve refrained from saying this on this forum, is that ive found the average age of players is 40-60+. This has a number of problems for a game that wants to be big and fresh feeling. Some can’t be bothered to “earn” content now and because they’re are gears “enthusiasts”, they feel it is ok to spend their excess disposable income on cosmetics. Sadly, this is done out of nostalgia and being collectors. Most older people are stuck in their ways and do not like change. Here are some of things I’ve found:

  1. Horde can only be played 1 way, people only use “safe” characters and most infuriatingly: insist on playing 50 waves of horde on master (masters snobs) and failing a lot. They won’t touch escape or versus. You will hear “bring back classic horde” and hero abilities are pointless. You can play a version of classic horde - don’t buy fortifications and lower the difficulty a little (note my point about master snobs).

  2. Escape is a new and not needed, pointless addition etc… Stuck in their ways and scared of change. For me, escape is the only thing that has kept me playing.

  3. Versus is either a complete no go because it’s not comfortable or can be hard work. Things I read over and over: I shot them but I died first, nerf the lancer, pc players are cheaters. When people age, thier reactions fade and younger players will own you. Please stop being bitter (unfortunate symptom of middle age). Load up your Xbox 360, play gears 2 or 3 versus and realise the difference, instead of looking back with rose tinted glasses. Everyone is playing the same game, on the same servers. You are bronze or silver rank for a reason… Ps… Try using a wired controller.

So to summarise: most new players have found better, more exciting and fresh games to play and are only in gears right now out of boredom. The rest are bullied and called trash or useless by bitter, middle aged “vets” who think they know best. Why not help people learn the game instead…


I’m much more tolerable playing Escape than Horde. Escape only have two other people to worry about. Horde is just a straight pain if you don’t have friends to play it with, on higher difficulties. It’s an endless “never beating it” feeling.

But the simple solution is, keeping playing until you find good players then add them; rinse and repeat. That will really solve all the issues. This Horde is really competitive.

I was actually agreeing with your post until…

Nah. No chance.


I don’t think that was the reason for the players I was referring to in question. I have came across them before I was Re-up 29. It’s just the way they prefer to play certain characters and having different ideas. I would guess seeing Re-up 50 now would add salt to the wound. Since they have ‘Avoid Me’ status, I would guess they have been notoriously reported for the whole time that I haven’t run into them and been having problems with other players. Minor or major disagreement turns into not going to play with this player ever again, even if they played different character which is stupid af.

The problem is the way the game is made. The totems alone must cause issues, you have players joining matches for characters, not because they want to be there.

TC are forcing players into matches or game types they normally wouldn’t touch. I’m not saying that’s the only reason, but it must be part of the problem.

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Having the same feeling about horde. It’s been neglected for so long now.

Don’t remember feeling that way about Gears 4. I did take a short break from speed runs for a while, but I played it every week.

It’s been months and we can’t even do a custom Frenzy. No event. Nothing.


Is the learning curve really that steep?

Anyone who’s played an RPG can grasp the concepts of equippable perks and team synergy. You grind the hell out of a character to tick the number up to get them to either do enough DPS for the enemy’s inflating health or be able to support well enough for the DPS characters to do their job.

Once you do that, you can jump in a few difficult matches, get yelled at for not playing the “right way”, and then mimic what the aggressors do and suddenly you’re just enough to be a Masters player. Sure, someone had to do the legwork to get the data for people to exploit in the first place, but it’s certainly not that hard to adopt.

Games like these tend to have the trappings of safe metas and Horde 4.0 is another one to fall prey to that. Could you do Master without JD, Kait, and Baird?
Sure, but people would then ask why would you run anything BUT these characters?

Because they’re safe.

I’d like this except I want to play with more people like you so if you’re not playing much then my selfish needs are going unmet :laughing:
Surprisingly I’ve been getting better Frenzy randoms lately. It may be just luck or else it might be that more awesome people are playing it now. I can’t say for sure.
I can’t play that much horde because 3 hours is too long. I need to be able to see what wave friends are on so I can jump in towards the end and help them finish.

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