"The person who bought this needs to sign in" I did buy it and I am signed in

It’s really just one thing or another with this game and Microsoft. As Jin bot would say “do better” Cause yall can’t make anything work properly


Then what happened

Go on

Guessing this is a Microsoft problem? I am getting this with a couple of my games now, but not Gears.

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What is “this” referring to here? They might be talking about something else that someone else bought.

Had this happen a few times when xbox servers dropped. Middle of a private gears5 horde match i get kicked to the dashboard and get the message that I don’t own the game I’m playing with the disc in the drive. Xboxlive’s fault on that one as my internet didn’t drop.

Happened once with a game pass game too as my subscription ended mid game.

Another time I had just downloaded gta5 when it was on the “leaving gamepass soon” list. By the time it downloaded and I went to launch it it had been removed from the gamepass list so I got that message.

This has happened to me before on Series X, but restarting my system usually fixes it, but there was one time I had o do a full reset on my router to fix it.

GOW fans…