The Perfect Active Shot ** TRUST ME **

To start damage in a way needs to come back to an active shot.
But now every time you get that annoying %90 using a gnasher, with an active shot, you’re guaranteed get a down. (at least)

Lets make this a thing! TC please.

(Separate). Gears with a destiny style radar?? Not with blips, just a sensor so you can detect campers around cover. making both parties play with a more strategic play style.

Active reload dont give a damage boost when using gnasher,
So its the guy shooting you that times his shot well

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Use your head and play as its ment to be played… be aware of your surroundings and also, now with dolby atmos 3D sound you can hear where the enemy is, . Plus the maps are small,
so we dont need or want a radar, it would completly destroy the gameplay… gears maybe isnt for you


boi ill body you

What?, im not into guys just so you now

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Why dont they just make all textures see through so you can see everything,…sort of like a wall hack, and then we all can have aimbots,… or bots playing for us…

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just stop