The penalties are the worst, you can't play any game, it's disappointing, it's the last game of gears of war that I buy, it sucks

the penalties are the worst, you can’t play any game, it’s disappointing, it’s the last game of gears of war that I buy, it sucks

Sweet justice.


don’t say that man… maybe Gears of war 6 could be a blast of a game… don’t quit in gears of war games, instead play 4 ,

gears 4 is much better than 5


Hi Luis,

without a doubt man, 3 and 4 are the best, Ill just keep playing 4 until 5 its fixed or they released 6 and see what happens.

Why are you getting penalties?

If it’s cos you quit games, then it is what it is.

If not, then yeh… I’d be disappointed too.

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I Can’t really say thank you to TC much, BUT THANK YOU TC for the penalties and bans lol.


Indeed! Sick of playing casual COD matches almost no one ever quit! But play a Ranked gears match and bring on the rage quitters. You rage quit…you don’t deserve to play ranked! You have the option to play social and quit allllll you want! Not to mention the return of player matches which was huge in the first gears! Deal with it… Rock n Roll!


I like the penalties, people who quit and desert their team mates and leave them men down deserve a penalty, if ur one of those people who need to win every game and can’t bare to have a loss on their stats then that’s just sad, u can’t always win


No. It’s when you win, get MVP and dominate every game and recieve -1200 points at the end of every match. I play for fun, but mainly play to compete. That is my fun. Win or lose, play well or bad, sit idle or play, you get negative points. It has totally negated the reason I have fun playing

Hey Lethal how did your match go?

What even is this response?

You were playing 5 yesterday lol I was in a lobby with you

jajajaja my man

I was playing 4, if you were playing 4 most defintely I was playing with you . LOL

What even do you mean? (I used your amazing grammatical skills)

I hope you’re not grading papers with your missing punctuation and pronouns.

I especially hope you’re not grading persuasive essays because of your flawed logic in ruining other peoples ranked matches because of a bug in the ranking system for yourself.

And if you’re not trying to justify yourself then what you wrote had nothing to do with quitting penalties.

What even is this response?