The Palace Guard

Just a small topic to show my appreciation for the Black Steel Palace Guard.

I’ve literally mentioned the character about 5 times at least, so well done to The Coalation for finally adding him. :grin:

I got 3 robots :roll_eyes:

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So how do you like using him in game? Dude looks huger than the Mountain guy from Games of Thrones. I don’t know but tryin to maneuver him with movement would really throw me off. And I think you could get sniped behind cover with that enormous head of his sticking out. But hey! I’m glad you like him. I’m still waiting for BS Classic Dom to come back, missed him the first and second time around, ended up getting BS Baird (no complains although he does make me play like a jerk for some reason) and BS Cole x2.

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Bought one pack and pulled him. Absolutely love love love him❤️❤️❤️Also anyone else notice he doesn’t have the ESPORTS logo?

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I find my standard PG is just too bulky. He does look pretty cool in esports skin though.
Still not bought a pack since ES6 I think. I have no interest in the DB, so the risk is not worth it to me. I have to want each one they are selling as I will only buy one pack per release.
And yet again I will say Give them a few unique lines or a different item of clothing, just something else.

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I’ve been there.

Haha, I know what you mean. RAAM had the same issues, but it’s worth it for the deeper voice of the Theron. Plus the way he looks, you can’t argue with that :joy:

I know what you mean, I have nearly no interest in any character other than the Palace Guard. The skins aren’t anything special either.

BS Griffin??!!! Damn the gods. Oh well, can’t pull the trigger on this one. If it was earlier then perhaps.

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Damn the gods :joy: anyway, apparently the Griffin isn’t that great, neither is the DeeBee. It’s all about good ol’ Palace Guard.


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I wish I knew about this. I really wanted the Palace Guard, especially since black is the color that he is supposed to be. Not gold.

It would have been my first time ever buying an esports pack too.

You could have got him last night. Just gotta keep an eye on esports events. I think they said they’re having one more next week but you’ll have to look at the esports calendar.

Thanks. If that is the case, do i just purchase the pack through the in-game store, or do i have to do something with the livestream event?

You can buy them from the in-game store, or on the website store. They normally go on sale to coincide with the Wednesday Fight Night streams, and occasionally some of the Thursday streams too. You don’t have to watch the streams.

There are sometimes raffles on the live stream that may offer an eSports pack as a prize, but the odds are very small though. There could be over 1000 people watching the midweek streams and with the tournaments being watched by many more and there’d only be 3-5 pack prizes per series so the odds are well under 1%.

Also the eSports packs tend to make an appearence for the entire week when there is a major tournament one, so the current Supporter 12 pack should be the one used to promote the Mexico City tournament in early Febrtuary. I think the only pack that didn’t follow this pattern was the eSports 11 one which came and went fairly quickly (I think due to it being quite unpopular).

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Thank you very much.

That’s very interesting

Scratch that, it’s there just very faint. Hardly noticeable unless you don’t have any weapons on your back and you’re roadie running. Strange that they went that route though, the ESports tramp stamps are generally quite noticeable on the BS characters😂


i got griffin from it when it was back for 24 hours a few weeks back…got him twice in two packs so i scrapped one lol

i’m happy