The other team quit when match was loading and we lose points?

They take off my GP cus they quit, they should fix that!!

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I was in a match today where the entire match quit (everyone was running into walls - except me. I was the only player not running into a wall - hehe). It said it was a stalemate and said nothing about points gained or lost, but my rank was down from gold to silver after that.

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Happened to me today.

Other team quit & I lost a whole tier. Onyx 3 to onyx 2.

I’m punished because they left the lobby?! WTF

@GuiltyCrisis if you lose Gp when lobby breaks before match starts you’ll get a refund on GP. In will be in the next match post results sometimes it takes a few but it does return.

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Sounds like some gears 2 shenanigans lol