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The Opinion on Gnashers and Lancers

So I’ve been keeping an eye on the latest debates over the forums, and one argument just keeps catching my attention.

Problems with Gnashers and Lancers alike.

The way I always saw it was Gnashers were the top dogs of the close range arsenal, unrivaled by literally any other close range weapon, and even some medium range weapons. On the contrary, Lancers were the punisher for those who either relied too heavily on close range weapons or disregarded cover, making for a quick end for those who became too bold.

I’ve noticed a lot of outrage from both parties on this debate, and I’m really curious to hear just what people are angry about specifically. I think the last time I got into a discussion on gears weapons was some guy having a rant about how Gnasher is the only gun you can use in Gears or you’re trash lol.

What is your opinion on this whole… debate?

(Also Lancer GL accuracy is nuts, I’ll never get used to that lmfaoo.)

Most games, Rifles dominate.

In Gears, they’re support weapons.

Gears mp is defined by the gnahser and cqc gameplay. A lot of these rifle users tend to dislike that.

Gears has always been criticized for its reliance on Gnasher play but no one ever seems to care if in other games, rifles dominate. People just aren’t used to rifles being regulated to support weapons so they tend to see it as a problem rather than a case of role reversal.


Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Although the current meta doesn’t really make a difference to my personal successes in the game, I can definitely see the issue, particularly with the the way the new maps are designed and if you’re playing against a well coordinated stacked team.

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I don’t understand when people say that games like Gow J and Gears 5 (those two together are not a coincidence) finally brought something else other than the gnasher.

Was gears 4 all gnasher? Heck no.
Gears 3? No.
UE? No.

the problem is that the argument that its gnashers only is not true. the longshot, torque bow, boomshot, and frags have all been fan favorites since day one. People rush and die for these weapons every game, and there was also a large part of the community that loved 1v1 sniper battles and montages way back in the day. Gears 1 had a dedicated community that forged a game where gnashers over ruled lancers because it made the game so much more fun and unique. shotgun battles made the game extremely fun and more than just a “who had a better twitch reaction.” Every shotgun battle was a personal chess match with another player to see who was really better, which is also why gears trash talk was on a completely different level than other games. This style created a large skill gap and made the game fun to master.


Yeah pretty much what S_IK_O_IR_G_E said.

I’d add that unbeknownst to the majority of rifle players, the lancer has never been underpowered and has always been fairly deadly in a practiced players hands.
I don’t want to be that scrub walking backwards blindfiring the lancer to down people but (in g1-3 at least) the choice to rifle effectivly was always there.

It’s just, ya know, gnasher fights are more fun and offer much more intricate game play.

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Yeee, I’m a Gnasher kind of guy when it comes to Gears, but I’m no stranger to pulling out an Enforcer or Lancer to quickly shut someone down.

I use really whatever’s at my disposal lol. Can’t get mad if someone kills you with either Gnasher or Lancer, but people still seem to get super heated about it sadly.

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Theres little to no skill gap anymore


A lobby can very easily be all lancers. One lancer on its own is deadly, 2 - 5 players lancering like it’s their only job is dumb.
Gears 3 was all retro. If you weren’t using it you’d put yourself at a disadvantage.
Gears 5 gnasher seems like the most consistent we’ve had.
I think gears 5 would be better off with weaker lancers, idk. And it’s clear that gears players love cqc and not OP boring rifle play.


ZII’s video the other day explained it all far better.

At the end of the day everything is too powerful and movement is restrictive and lacks the opportunity for plays. Then there is the side issues of ranked matches being inconsistent or the micro transactions, or tour of duty not rewarding enough etc etc

I don’t share the opinion on some of the side issues but there is enough people that do feel that way and it adds to the fire.

I was on the Gears of War 3 forums back in the day and I specifically remember the endless threads about how the retro lancer was too strong. To be fair, it was pretty beastly.

What I mean is this has always been in an issue.

The biggest problem is the gnasher is the most unique thing about Gears’ multiplayer and it’s also what can make the game impenetrable for newcomers but at the same time stronger rifles just make the game slower and more generic feeling - so I actually do feel sorry for TC in that regard it’s a very difficult balancing act.

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The dam retro is still overpowered on there to this day. Was playing gears 3 tonight, can’t stand that retro. Gotta admit gears 3 is much better than 5, no matter how much I complained about that stupid retro n sawned off, it beats the trash they call gears 5

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I believe you meant “relegated”, sir


I actually dont personally think the situation is as bad as people are making it out to be… other than the gnasher being really inconsistent, but thats another issue. I think the maps are too open , rather than the lancer being too OP. On less open maps, like exhibit for example, I rarely feel like the lancer is too powerful. On maps like bunker and especially icebound, the lancer feels much more powerful. Iv been toying with the idea that people should just learn to play those maps in a different style, though I guess the gameplay really isnt very gears like when you have spots like the nests on icebound.

I did, thank you dad.


I dunno, I think that’s really a hot take on the topic.

An entire team using Lancers is a plausible strat, but there should be some kind of counter to that. Lancers seem like an obvious way to pretty much shut down anyone trying to get close with the Gnasher, but there’s nothing I’ve noticed that can outright shut up the LANCER, other than another lancer, and rarely a Markza, Embar, or Longshot.

I think the current formula works, there’s just no real punish for using a lancer, unlike how the lancer directly counters the Gnasher. Maybe making Markza a load out option could help, but it would most likely just make the Gnasher’s even WORSE.

I strongly disagree that all Gears players love the Gnasher only bits, and I believe Gnashers should never be the core, primary weapon. I don’t think there should ever be one weapon to rule them all, otherwise the game just becomes… shallow. A mix-up means the game is always exciting and always moving rather than just a constant meatiest of who shot the shotgun first.
After playing every Gears since I was a small thing, from the olde days of Gears 1 and even the awkward nightmare of Judgement, always using a Gnasher just became… a joke. We need more.

I really do not mind the lancer being used. Some people get extremely upset over it. I firmly believe that people should be allowed to play the game the way they want. If it’s solely using a Gnasher, let them. Solely using a smoke, let them. I do think a large portion of the hate towards Lancers is people that solely use gnashers and are angry that everyone else isn’t using them too to suit them.

Yeeeah, reasonable. Some people just really hate the lancer.

I’m still gonna use it lol.

I agree with that concept it takes so much more skill to wall bounce and out play your openents, especially if there is more than one person shooting at you but you still kill them all, doesen’t take any skill at all to point and lancer at some and spray untill there down, just for noobs who can’t use the gnasher

Is that literally the only criticism people have to offer against people using Lancers?

“Oh, I was silly enough to try to and run straight at a guy who was at a longer range easily capable of shutting me down with a lancer! Baffling! Outrageous! Stupendous!”

Calling someone a noob because they’re using a weapon that’s part of the game isn’t criticism.
On the contrary, the Lancer requires actual aim and tracking, whereas the Gnashers just need timing and common sense. A game of “who shot first?” The wallbouncing is the only part that makes it at least SLIGHTLY skill-requiring, and even then, it’s still an easy punish if you rely solely on the Gnasher in all matches. I’ll give Gnasher-only users the benefit of the doubt by saying it at least took effort to wallbounce.