The Operation 10

So does anyone know if the coalition is going to drop another operation or if the operations will rotate from 1 to 9 again this would keep a lot of gears fan playing and I would like ranked matches to give us are diamond onyx and master skins again

It’ll be called Season 10. Old Tours won’t come back. Itll be the same tour that we have right now on repeat for each season that happens. Master skins won’t come back. Top 100 competitive rewards will be discontinued going forward but top 1000 rewards will continue.


Thanks for letting me know bro I appreciate it do u know if we are getting all the characters in store yeah in January as I’m gears discord someone said they will just drop everything in there now

I saw in another thread, I think it was in ‘This Week in Gears’, a Twitter post that said the final store update will be in January.

That is the case, but it’s only going to bring back old content, including what hasn’t appeared after its initial release in Op 9 or the last week of Op 8 because of a complete lack of foresight and complete nonsense of an excuse that I don’t think anyone believes/believed.