The Op4 Versus Achievements won't be changing anytime soon

Was able to finally get a response to my achievement questions. So for all you achievement hunters out there that wanted to lessen the grind, I’m sorry, but it doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. Your best bet is to check the achievement websites and see the solutions out there in order to lessen your time on this as much as possible.


Good news. Should only be for the super dedicated. It’s a challenge. I want to see who will be able to get them. I know I won’t, and I don’t have to. Plus who knows how long until g6. Could be another 3 years.


I’ve been having considerations about creating a thread calling TC out on the excessive artificial grinds that keep being put in the game when they said themselves, on dev streams, that they didn’t want to introduce such grinds into the game any further, after a friend wanted to do it but then thought that apparently it’s fine after all for no reason I could see.

These achievements, even more Reups after 50, still no indication of when the Reup changes will occur or if they will even happen at all. How are we supposed to believe anything that TC says when they keep going back on their own words like this?

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I agree with you.
Is it a grind ? Play the game or don’t. Sorry if that sounds harsh to anyone but it really is that simple.

Also Crazy is prob on the money with Gears 6 being several years away.


Well, it’s still Dana, The guy has no clue what he’s talking about most of the time so they still might change it sometime in the future.


Have to admit to thinking this when I read his reply :wink:

Well that’s unfortunate, they should of at the very least halve the requirements for them cause 100,000,000 damage and 100,000 kills is a bit excessive. The assists one given how kill hungry players are now, especially in coop vs ai is just natural.

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Making them PvP + PvE would have been more than enough. I’m pretty sure I’m way past the requirements in PvE.

But then “it is easier to get kills and damage in PvE” so apparently this ‘justification’ made by Dana also is TCs reason for making these achievements Versus only where they are completely overblown and ridiculous for most players because kill counts in Vs will be way slower to rack up and the damage dealt in the mode is also an infinitely smaller fraction than what you get in Horde/PvE in general.

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At the end of the day these arent supposed to be unlocked in a week or a month. They are meant for the long run.

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Dont worry guys, TC will eventually change their minds. They flip flop more often then a strippers party package. :rofl: