The Onyx Guards

Wouldn’t it be great if they added the onyx guards to a new gear pack? let me know your thoughts down below


Onyx Guards would be a great addition as long as TC doesn’t ruin them with color blast or zombie editions.


We are probably safe on that as I can’t recall any new colour blast or zombie skins recently?


I’ve been an avid poster in regards to TC releasing the Onyx Guard. The character has been my favorite for years. I’m hoping that TC will release the character soon because there has been many threads/post posted in support for them.

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Been requested often. I would imagine we wull see them soon. Female and male version. I still miss the golden miner

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Perhaps eventually…I think by the time they come out though, if it’s late in the year, it won’t make a difference, not too many people will probably be playing this come October…I haven’t played in 3 weeks and that’s a long time for me

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I didn’t actually play as Female Onyx Guards much in Judgment, but I’d give it a try if they ever come.

I love this character. In gears 3 i always use this character. After TC complete my dream whit Hofman black steel, onyx guard is all i want to see in the future.

Your dream was Hoffman Black Steel? o_O

Yea true they should add the onyx guards.

I’ve been asking for it for months… =(

Or if TC makes them chubby or some how makes them look lame

Yeah man, i know this is strange, so it is

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Alongside classic baird the onyx guard was a character I used often. Would love to see them return.