The Onyx Guard Differences


Just wanted to point out the differences between the tactics and Azura/ Judgement Onyx Guard for those people who are saying they are the same (they aren’t).

I’ve spotted 10 differences.

So clearly the chest piece is different, the shoulder plates are smaller, the gauntlets are smaller, the helmet is black. In the games the backs are different. The helmet has double split yet the other one doesn’t.

Listen… They are different and I love the tactics version (that’s the skin I use in the game) I’m all for more variants of the ‘cog gear’ character.

Alls I’m saying is there is room here for another variant of the onyx guard TC can make.

In my opinion the gears 3 and judgement Onyx Guard is my favourite.

Here’s some art I did for it.

Here’s all the layers and evidence to show that I actually drew it. Kind of surprised ya have to prove it now lol.


What’s even more disappointing is that they’re tied to Vermelo and Casan. They should’ve treated the COG Gears and Onyx Guards as separate characters and repurpose older voicelines for the Guards,

The Female Guards lines could’ve easily been used since she never really calls the locust outright. She only ever says “I see one” or “Enemy spotted” and the rest is all the typical lines you would hear in 5.


Exactly! I was annoyed that they didn’t do that.


Anybody saying they are the same needs their head checked by a medical professional as well as eyes checked by an optician.

The lack of the OG voice is infuriating as well. It’s disrespectful, Vermelo and Casan also have terribly irritating voices so it adds insult to injury.


You put cel-shading over the original image?

Nope. I drew it. It took 5 hours to get all the detail.

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Probably TC might have done this in order to use the same voice actors, and not hire new ones.

There’s also the difference that there’s a blue tint to the undershirt and leggings instead of black with the old Gears 3/Judgement Onyx Guard

That’s what happens when your enemies are recolored COG.

@grey_mineman look at this

Yeah I looked at it when it first came out :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: