The Onslaught - Thoughts and impressions

You’re forgetting I was also throwing shotgun bleed at the enemies getting close.

He does have Heavy Charger card to speed up Ult from heavy weapon damage.

I’d imagine he could have Serrated Edge, Ultimate Battery, Concussive Explosives, Heavy Weapon Capacity and Heavy Charger.

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He sure wouldn’t magically be turning the hive around without two others to profit from the stunned enemies and who are good. I suspect unless some combination appears that makes this hive super easy, it will have comparatively low Master completion rates. Or perhaps overall lower completion.

Yeah, this ia a major issue. I like playing Fahz and am finding that this throws my aim and my reload off badly.

I was experiencing this at the very ending outside on Incon attempt.

It’s also not helpful to telling whether you’re hitting an enemy or not with any weapon as the system goes hard on adaptive resolution and removing things like bullet markers on enemies or blood/oil/sparks in an attempt to save the FPS from going into a total pit, if you have hitmarkers turned off(I have because I think they’re just dumb, visually speaking, and to me an usually unnecessary UI feature). Of course the aiming with any weapon is not helped by that low framerate either.

I can’t even try it. Servers are down…

That’s a sign if I’ve ever seen one.

Don’t keep your expectations too high. Unless you like absurd numbers of enemies you’ll struggle to kill before getting flooded by the venom while your framerate is taking smaller or big hits and you can clearly see how the game/system is downscaling resolution in an attempt to save it and will down you in two shots by a shotgun from ranges where you would be better off using a mid range weapon normally while they sponge a lot in return.

Haha! Christ, I’m gradually getting further and further… and every time I think “Yeah, this is the hardest part. It has to get easier from here!” And it doesn’t. I’m on the second fight after the saferoom - where the Warden eventually comes along. The trouble is lack of ammo. Eventually I’m down to my Boltok. :smiley:

Well the good news is, that is the last fight in the hive itself. Bad news, you still gotta pass it. There is a supply room to the left of the two turrets though. I’d suggest going in there.

The ending is comparatively easy due to there being loads of Poppers you can use against the enemies that spawn(a Shock Popper spawn there will effectively create a big zone of death there and then between the exit and the enemies). And even if you didn’t get to cause a chain reaction at the spawn to stop the enemies dead in their tracks, you have one final turret to go with that should be good enough if your other team members are still alive or your last living guy is Cole.

You just have to get there.

Do you mean hole up in there and fight from there?

I find that lack of impatience for some players and not waiting for the venom especially when mac is around is devastating.

One word: insanity.
I got to the helipad with randoms on inconceivable, but we were overwhelmed with juvies and an invisible warden…I’ll retry later after work, but that second act sucked hard. First one is alright.
Had a lot of issues with the turrets though. If I jumped off, I’d actually stay there and be downed, teleporting sucks, probably due to framerates crashing hard. Another turret got frozen and couldn’t shoot anymore too.

Yes, that’s what we did. It seems easier to hold if you have a Cole and Kait, and Fahz can still contribute if he’s a good shot. You also have handy ammo reserves available.

Only made it past the first safe room so far, it’s not bad aside from the final staircase fight. Fahz is indispensable here. It would be very tough to do this on Master without him. Clayton and Paduk can hold their own as well, especially if you have a strong Fear-spread build on Paduk.

The first half is pretty easy. It’s the second half that is the real pain! And depending on the enemy spawns you can end up with rubbish weapons to use. Keegan with Salvos can be extremely powerful as some of the rooms are fairly open so Bastions can’t hide as well.

I came close just now with some randomers. We had a Bastion on the Warden, so couldn’t kill it straight away, and everything else pushed us too hard. I saw through X-Ray that there was only about 6-7 enemies left.

Should Fahz save his Xray for the Bastions then?

I managed to get through the first section without using X-Ray. As the recharge is damage based I can use it twice in the second section (one per fight).

Ah ok.

Side note… looks like the Ambush card didn’t get nerfed. Still says 140% damage. Nice.

Just played on Beginner with lvl 15 Lahni. I thought it was pretty tough even on that low skill lvl. In fairness I was alone for most of run. TM didn’t seem to want to actually progress through the Hive!