The Onslaught - Thoughts and impressions

Thread title says it all, it’s about thoughts and impressions towards TCs newest hive. Beware of spoilers if you have not played yet.

Current impressions are preliminary and views may change as I further test this hive with a group, providing I ever touch it again.

Boy, where do I start on this one… it’s a mess alright.

Team composition on first attempt was Paduk, Cole and Kait but quickly switched Paduk out for Fahz so it was Fahz, Cole and Kait for every following attempt.

The first act starts off alright and your turrets are useful, with decent weaponry to fight off the enemies after the initial encounter. Spawns are either Shock Popper, DR-1 Protector and Oppressor, Hammerburst Drone and Sniper, or Frag Popper, Salvo Scion, Grenadier, Hammerburst Drone and Sniper. It’s mostly easy to handle.

But it all goes down when you get to the second act. Spawns are Salvo Scion, Bastion, Drone and Grenadier Elite, Frag Popper, or DR-1 Protector and Oppressor, Drone Elite, Bastion, Shock Popper. Other edit : A Warden also shows up at the final encounter before the exit.

There is a ridiculous number of enemies spawned, like, so many you can’t even count them and it’s practically impossible to clear them out before the venom covers the area unless you have a Fahz… and even then it’s still cutting it close. You can barely use the turrets either because the area is quickly flooded by Poppers.

But that’s not the worst of it, it’s when Bastions get stuck somewhere and are still shielding enemies without the shield being visible, or if they are hiding behind a wall somewhere when you fall back to the only really defensible location, the supply rooms, and when the framerate tanks really badly(on consoles, mind you) because of the Shock Popper fields and all the enemies all over the place.

I just beat the hive on Master prior to creating this thread and am interested in hearing other’s opinions about this, but after that attempt - where our Fahz was mainly hiding away in the back with Patience simply so he could snipe the obnoxious number of enemies down to something more handleable for both players and the system - I’m not intending to run this dumpster fire of a hive again unless absolutely necessary. Only Cole made it out because Fahz screwed up the time where and when he used his ult for the last time so he got killed by the venom in the supply room and I died to it because of a dumb DR-1 just standing in it and then blowing up next to me when Cole tried to get me out. That reminds me, why is venom damage tied to our character’s health rather than something separate? It’s stupid to die to it only because some random thing blows up next to you or you got shot by something.

We beat the hive with the spawn sets that had DR-1s in it in both acts. Could’ve all made it out of Fahz had used his ult in a better spot but he didn’t. Not that it would matter as it seems we got a decent time out of it anyway but it would’ve been better if everyone got out to give the hive a good kick in the nuts that it deserves.

The Line, Ice Queen and The Blight may once have held the top contender spots for worst and most obnoxious hive but this one takes the title by a country mile.

Rant over. Please don’t make another one like this TC, because it really is terrible.

(Edit : If it’s any use I’ll tag @TC_MichaelAOS even if just to have the thread be looked at.)

I’m sorry if my first impression is not constructive, but the first thing I’ve noticed a serious bug with turrets:
The turrets are busted and stop shooting if they get overheated, jump off, then jump in again.

I’ve noticed this too but it is specific to the turret user and forgot to mention it. So if you take a different turret, like I asked one time when my turret bugged out cause I had to deal with some flanking Poppers, it will work for you. And when Fahz jumped on my turret it worked for him.

So there’s a workaround for this issue, as long as it persists.

That being said, why do turrets not contribute to the ult cooldown timer? Is that intentional?


I don’t have an answer for that yet, but my own question that came up to my mind is:

Shouldn’t the turret extend Fahz Ultimate if he gets headshots? Although it was my first try, but I sensed that turrets do not count Fahz headshots all the time!

Who would have guessed.

So you haven’t met the Warden yet?

According to our Fahz player in the run, turrets did not count for extra headshot damage or at least Exploit Weakness did not work for them. They seem fairly powerful though, so it doesn’t seem like a drawback that they don’t do headshot damage.

That being said I do not understand why they wouldn’t contribute to extra ult cooldown, especially when we have the super long cooldown to deal with.

Oops, I forgot that one. I’ll go add it in.

Turrets also dont count with Keegans recharge bounty

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The Turret didn’t let me do Explosive Headshot at all.

But Tri-Shot? That was very nice to use with Fahz.

Even though the hive has Longer Recharge mod, I was able to use X-Ray 3-4 times with Patience.

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I didn’t even consider using Keegan tbh, too reliant on RNG providing Salvo Scion and/or frag Popper spawns imo. The Torque Bow by itself isn’t gonna do enough in that hive to deal with the enemies if Keegan uses it.

I was playing as Keegan more for his ultimate to get Fahz more longshot ammo and Fahz’s ultimate up.

They should make master like this to placate nerf mongers instead of nerfing.

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That reminds me, I wouldn’t even dare imagine how much more ridiculous this is gonna be with the Fahz Ambush nerf. Not sure if Cole’s would have much of an effect as it mainly appears to shuffle some percentages around, but Fahz’ probably would.

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I tried to beat it at lunch and failed. What time does Fahz’s nerf get pushed?

I do have a suggestion.

Could Clayton’s Ultimate Battery work with dipping toes into Shock radius from Poppers?

There is Tri-Shot. Mulcher, Salvo and T-Bow which Clayton could use with bleed, stun and heavy weapon capacity.

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I find Keegan’s Resupply doesn’t regenerate enough Longshot bullets and fast enough. I normally only get about 3 and that’s with Resupply Duration!


I had Clayton, Paduk and Cole and all were doing well - except that Paduk’s fear wasn’t enough. It helped when it was available but no way to get the executions to bring it back for the 3rd or 5th time you need it in a fight :zipper_mouth_face:
Clayton definitely was doing very very well though. Highly recommend.

No idea. Probs at 10 AM PT in a few minutes but I have no precise time to give. It definitely would help to do it before then.

But this wasn’t rewarding. It was just a damn nuisance and I’m glad it’s out of the way. If people want Master in all modes to be like this all the time, let them have it but they shouldn’t be surprised if they don’t find players for it except for the grinders on the easy maps or those looking to do it once for completion and never looking that way again.

@Ektope I really doubt he’d be that good. The only Mulcher I found doesn’t get that much ammo and there’s no way to refill it. And Clayton still suffers from the long ult recharge. He could step into Shock Popper radius though, that is true.

When I tried Paduk, he could use the Lancer from beginning 1st Supply room and could get away with chainsawing Shock Poppers.

Our Cole seemed to excel too much in close quarter, so I decided to do Fahz.

I do agree for the most part. What we did was every one had a longshot in hand and gave Fahz ammo as needed.

My team was randoms and I couldn’t persuade them to not shoot guys I was trying to execute to cause fear and recharge ult. :frowning: