The Onslaught -3:53:03 23rd Place

Just did a score run on the onslaught and missed out on the -4 hour mark by like 7 minutes. Our team didnt even use salvos which i didnt even think was possible on this map until now. We had a anchor, veteran and i was tact


Thanks for keeping us informed.

Time-runs in Escape are pretty straight forward nowadays, however The Onslaught is one of the tougher ones because of so many enemies spawning and Bastions being a bit of a problem.

Earlier meatshielding was quite important, now it’s really just down to making as many headshots as possible, especially on Juvies. There’s also a couple tricks to have Poppers actually count time instead of 0 seconds but it’s pretty tough to pull off on The Onsalught. Generally you wanna stay away from turrets as they’re just bad. No headshots, not enough fire-power, doesn’t even grant super energy.

Since headshotting is quite mandatory, a Veteran is pretty much a must-have if not two of them, with the third one being a marker (usually Tac) to regain the Ultimate quicker as well. Tactician also helps with ammo but the Vets are usually already stocked up if playing the correct cards, on top of that there’s a neat glitch that allows you to basically have infinite ammo, Demo sends its regards.

Still curious whether the #1 spot is actually beatable, have my doubts atm. because Cog tag duping is a thing…

I dont know if any of the -4 hour times is real. I could be wrong but those times always been there. People that are still attempting score runs i have yet to see reach over -4 hours legitimately.

The COG tag duplication exploit came about ages ago. I remember seeing a video of it around Operation 3 days, so I expect if these people achieved those scores early on when this hive first came out, then the means to cheat was already out there. It’s just a question of whether they did or not.

Still wish there was a leaderboard wipe and one final patch to sweep up most of the exploits.


Doesnt help that theres atleqst one team running around now with aim bot, and auto active reload.

I wonder who they are. Do you mind sharing their GTs? You can DM me.

Goddess eagle

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Not relevant to escape but theres this guy i ran into that has aimbot in Horde lol i have proof, multiple clips.

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I saw their name. I think they play with Led Zeppelin.

Lol people do that in Horde ? Ha!

Yes. very sad indeed.

They denied it then when i said i had proof they blocked me lol

That’s just pathetic.


Are you referring to Veterans ability? Because as @CommanderCH2863 mentioned it’s common to use this class in those runs.

Lol yeah. She 3 accounts… its just her with the hacks, so a lot of her times are with randoms. Her second account is ultima world.

And no im not talking about verans ability. She literally has hacks. She sent them to me lol.

I also believe azeoak and jinja use them too because theyre always in horde doing weird glitchy things no one has seen before. s

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Well, that’s just pathetic too.
That’s why we can’t have nice things.


I’ve played with her before and she’s now on my blocked list. I can’t remember precisely why, but I’d imagine it’s because they were extremely poor.

They had some beef with @RnB010 a while back too. I don’t know the ins and outs of it, but they basically started using the lobby title along the lines of “RnB010 is a monster - avoid him!” and this went on for months and months, even though he hadn’t come across her or played with her since that one game. It seems petty and unhinged to me.

I took this screen capture a while ago.

Omg i completely forgot about it!! Hahaha

I have these two blocked.