The only way i will pre- order Gears 5 is if the GOW4 black steel mega bundle is included

All black steel characters and skins included with your gears 5 preorder

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How about we leave esports out of Gears 5?


I’d rather they fix Ranked and remove the RNG Horde skills than just give us a bunch of useless skins.


You’ve been trolling hardcore lately bruh time for a break

Duh, I’m on break. See if you preordered gow4 from the microsoft store you got the exclusive preorder bundle for gears ultimate edition.It was all the exclusive preorders for that game golden miner, adam fenix. Since all the preorders for this game have been made craftable, they should do the same thing but with the esports skins. Sorry 4 not going into full detail I. forget that everyone is not a true fan like me and many were not here for these past events.

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I really need folks who think TC is going to “refund” anything you’ve earned in Gears 4 to lower their expectations. It’s not going to happen. Moreover, what you’re asking for isn’t going to happen.

They are more willing to set this “high value” characters behind an RNG paywall before they will let you buy them all at once, no matter what the price.

Not just RNG Horde skills, RNG in general needs to go. I know it won’t happen though.
Level progression for characters needs to return, again, won’t happen.

Ohhhh so you’re the definition of the term “True Gears Fan”?