The only truly indefensible things TC did (and haven't fixed)

  1. Only seven launch maps. This is an obvious error, and one that should embarrass them more than anything else about this game.

  2. The terminator skins. They provide a CLEAR competitive advantage. Don’t “the hit boxes are the same” me either, we all know they are harder to fight than other skins due to their monochromatic look and their smaller model.

  3. Failure to address quitters. How companies, not even just TC, can continue to get this wrong is beyond me. There’s no excuse to not have a surrender option, ESPECIALLY when your marquis mode, the one designed specifically to make you relevant in esports, is a mode that’s impossible to play due to quitters. People don’t want to risk a half hour of 4v5 so they just don’t play it. My opinion anyway, at least that’s I don’t play escalation personally.

  4. ranking system. C’mon. I don’t even care about rank but it’s so broken and dumb.

Everything else honestly is fine. They made design choices I didn’t like but thats ok. In my opinion the game is otherwise fantastic. Feels smooth, fast, fun. And they’ve ironed out a lot of the launch kinks like the flash grenades and (mostly) have fixed server issues. But again these four things are the truly unforgivable sins that need to be fixed immediately to maintain credibility.

  1. Change mechanics to benefit new players’ needs rather than returning players. I want to clarify, I’m all for new players, but a new player shouldn’t be the focus of this type of game. Helping them get better through trial and error, community sportsmanship (not TC’s fault) and just learning the ropes of the game overall is essential, when you change mechanics to benefit new players, they gain nothing, and it harms the better players, causing them to quit… etc…

On a side note… Ranks need to be player based, not team based (losses shouldn’t deduct points, quitting a match and not doing anything should, but only for that player. Wins should give more points than a loss, and they should never deduct points for a win, even if a person quit the game… If players quit the game and that team wins, give them a medal and extra exp, they won while outnumbered.)


Terminator always felt like a wasted slot to me. Can’t speak, what’s even the point (beyond obvious hollywood money)?

It’s always funny to see people try to be stealthy with him because those clink clanks could be heard across the map.

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See I’ve never minded this. They made the same choices in Gears 3 and 4, too. Granted, it was never as bad/obvious as the launch of Gears 5, but honestly I think they’ve got the guns in a mostly good spot, balance wise. The only thing I would change is the gnasher range. Which isn’t a small thing to change, but other than that I’m pretty happy.

It’s funny though…people talk about how the game has been dumbed down for new players but at the same time the wall bounce mechanics are pretty high level (and mandatory if you’re going to be halfway decent at the game), the cover to cover combat is more robust than ever (remember it used to be just blind firing over half cover and that’s it?) And it’s faster than ever too. Honestly I think you could argue that the game has a higher learning curve than ever EXCEPT for the fact that the gnasher is basically a sniper rifle.

I would add time locked content as MTX’s in a 60 dollar game.

This is fine for free to play games, as long as it’s not pay to win, but hard to justify in a full retail game.

I know its just cosmetic, but there’s no good reason to purchase the ultimate edition, beyond the boost to xp. I really do like some of the skins, but I haven’t spent a dime on the store. It just feels wrong

At least g4 gave extra credits for playing on owned maps, as well as private lobby access.

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I 1000% agree that if I’m paying $60 for a game then we should not be bled dry on micro transactions. This is the reason I never get ultimate editions anymore, nor do I pre order anything. There’s no reason. Honestly for my main franchises like Gears, assassins creed, final fantasy, wherever, I’d GLADLY pay $150/$200 if it meant I got every single piece of in-game content no questions asked. But if I pay $60 for the game, I won’t pay anything more than a couple bucks for what is sold afterwards.

That said though I don’t put that on TC. I mean yeah they’re guilty for sure but at this point it’s industry standard and I sadly no longer think it’s reasonable to expect a AAA franchise backed by MS to not have this post launch economy.

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My main complaint is the strength of all the weapons. It’s basically core tuning from Gears 4 and I personally liked competitive tuning much better. Wish they’d have something in between both tunings instead of sticking with core for Gears 5.:neutral_face:

See, normally I would agree but the reality is that a Team is what makes those wins. Even the scrub at the bottom of the list can come out with a clutch kill or point save. You have to pull your weight but you cannot carry your team to victory.

Gears, while always allowing the freedom to let great players shine through, has always been a cooperative/team based experience. That philosophy stretches into the multiplayer as well.
There’s a reason the deathmatch modes are lives based and not point based. It’s to lend a hand to your teammates for their survivability, that’s what wins games.

An individual ranking system is what would be more suitable for FFA, whenever there’s a suitable ranked version of it to come out.

I’ve only seen one Terminator in the past month of playing and regardless, character model hitboxes have always been whatever for me anyways. Been playing MP since Gears 1 day one and can’t think of too many times me or my friends complained about that.

As far as I can tell the ranking system is individual performance based. I have gained just as much points in losses as MVP as I have in wins.

Yet there are still people losing points for wins. It’s not so much the issue with gaining points with losses as it is losing points with wins. Especially when the players who are losing points are the MVP of the match for their team, and played the objective just as much.

Yup this happened to me yesterday. In 2v2 and i had more points than both my opponents combined. And they were favorite by 7k points. And overall i lost 400+ points.