The ONLY Thing GoWJ Did Right

Was swapping the weapons on your back while roadie running. I wouldn’t mind if they brought this small detail back into future Gears titles.


I really liked Overrun, and I also liked the optional campaign mission modifiers. Judgement was actually really fun, but versus MP was too drastically changed. Had they stuck with the original formula, Judgenent may have been one of, if not the best.


I love OVERRUN but the maps in Versus felt really huge. If they increased the players to 10 vs 10 it would’ve been more suitable for the big maps. Tho they are beautiful maps.

I’ve actually been considering lately that judgement might have taken a little more critism than it deserved.

I’ve been thinking back and there are quite a few things I actually think were pretty good.

Movement, being able to climb up and drop down added extra depth to gameplay imo.

I remember the maps being pretty good, loved the one with the cable cars.

Weapons were very well balanced and there were more of them than all the other games combined.

I didn’t play a whole lot of vs but I don’t recall any of this 200 ping bullet sponge crap.

Campaign wasn’t horrificly bad, I just hated the whole playing through the story in hindsight.
Plus loomis was a d bag.

Cant think of many things I hated besides the shooting centre screen and controller changes. Oh and those hideous mp skins…
The cog v cog red v blue mp was irritating but tolerable…

Didn’t it have a free for all mode to?

I might buy it again just to see how it holds up against 4.
I can’t remember it being as bad as 4 still is, yet I gave up on judgement after about 20 hours of playtime. Maybe I should have given it more of a chance.

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I thought the same thing about Gow J. I went back and played it again and realized it wasn’t that bad.

Loomis was the real villain of GOW J

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I really liked paduk just for the dialogue between him and loomis, paduk don’t take no s***! :joy:

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No active reloads where a nice touch

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That game was trash. All of it.


Switching while running looks really dumb lol



Nothing about judgement was right.

I do not like the fact you could swap weapons like this.


this is true… :point_up:t3::point_up:t3::point_up:t3:

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Survival was great fun
Overrun was great fun
Breakthrough was great fun
Customisation was great
ONYX GUARD was a beast
Reaper was great
Had some excellent maps
Alicia and Alex are excellent and needed in 5 mp.
Aftermath was a genuine Gears campaign
Some new weapons
Sticky nades

Not so good.
Weapon swap changes…not great

Cog v Cog was a TERRIBLE choice and even to this day is unthinkable in a Gears game

Campaign was not a proper Gears campaign

I do think it speaks to the quality of 4 though that players who were happy to sweep judgement under the rug, write it off as an abhorration and forget about it altogether.
Are now looking back and realising it had a little something they really liked.

Being able to use two-handed Weapons with Boomshields and Meatshields, and dropping down from high ledges.

COG v COG was the big mistake. I really enjoyed everything else.

I was just as excited as Judgement as the next person when it released.

However, it wasn’t Gears, it had gone too far beyond what the previous games were.

The movement, control scheme and the general feel of the game at the time showed they tried to make a Gears of Duty - it didn’t work.

That’s why the MP had huge player drop offs and also they didn’t sell anywhere near the amount of previous games.

This was all for a reason, I remeber being bored to death in the Campaign - and this has having played Gears 1 Campaign like 30-40+ times and the others several times.

The multiplayer just lacked any depth or redeeming qualities.

As to the OP - the ability to swap your weapon like that on the move negates the risk / reward of having a certain weapon out in 4.

It’s another layer of skill that you need to have the right weapon when in a certain area of the map.

If you are going to have a Lancer out rushing into the middle of a map for example, you will probably get chunked.

And it’s the same when going for power weapons - sometimes what you arrive with is risk / reward.

Come with Lancer for a fast swap out or come with a Gnasher before switching to see if anyone is there too?

If you just hot swap weapons then it takes this element away which I don’t like.

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I liked the active system better than any other game.

I agree with everything you said.

As I said in my op, the controls and fps mechanics are really what ruined judgement for me.

At least the game actually functioned.
Gears 4 is a gamblers paradise. In VS every button press feels like the roll of the dice, you pull that trigger, your gnasher will probably shoot, sometimes you may even do some damage.

At least with judgement, for all its flaws.
For every wrong turn they took in development.
The game was finished. It worked. Whether you liked those aspects of it or not they didn’t bug out or constantly require overhaul.

Gears 5 is already in the works and gears 4 has so so many infuriating inconsistencies.

Im not sure I trust TC with gears. They just seem to lack any drive to actually make a great game.
They played it safe with 4. stuck to the recipe but somehow still botched the cake.

Im begining to despise gears 4 with a passion I never had for judgement, the constant money grabbing packs for a game that still playes like a buggy beta near 2 years after release?!

I may stop there, my fuse is getting pretty short and Id hate this to turn into a rage post. :joy:

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Campaign - Was decent. Baird and Cole felt off. Loomis was terrible. Aftermath also kinda sucked. Karn is super interesting, but didn’t get a lot of screentime. Like more options. But would prefer a Wolfenstein/DOOM level-style, rather than making the campaign too Arcade-y. Add the optional multipliers for an Arcade mode. As a Gears Buff, the Lore Inconsistencies (Lancer MKII, Kantus) really bogs it down. Made Judgement feel like a copy/paste from Gears 3.

MP - Human vs Human? Would work in a Pendulum Wars game, not one that’s set 30 days after E-Day. Gunplay feels weird. I enjoy the freedom of movement, but i think the long jumps weren’t great. A COG? Weighing 200+ pounds, dropping 30 feet, then not dying? Or at least breaking an ankle? Ugh. All the modes were ok though.

Survival: Horde? But 12 waves? Just elongated Overrun, P v E. No.

Customization: A great improvement. Some skins were terrible. Character skins shouldn’t have been animated. But I enjoy the customization.

Maps: Maps were varied and fun. A lot of good Easter eggs too. Something there were a lot of in 3. Feels like there’s less in Gears 4.

There’s my 2-cents…if anyone cares.

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