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The only changes that will save gears MP

Definitely important but I don’t think it takes precedence over the basic balancing them seem to have missed the mark of so badly.

On a side note, before I moved back to UE I was getting put in games that were definitely not in my region in casuals.

I agree to this. Gears of war is going to loose its main fan base because they want there game to be noob friendly and wont allow people to actually use skill in this game


Exactly. Too many people just think “let me blindly rush” gets lancered “WHY DID I DIE?!?”

Like, take cover, return fire, maybe throw a nade and flank, you dummy. THAT’S what the combat dynamic is, not this zerg rush garbage with the gnasher. The same shotgun fight is only so enjoyable after such a long time. The Lancer finally works as an effective weapon against the gnasher, and as expected, the entirety of the community is crying about it.


Changes needed to save Gears 5 multiplayer:

Reduce Gnasher mag size to 1 and a perfect reload increases it to 2.
Reduce Gnasher range to 1 foot.
Increase Gnasher delays when coming off roadie run or wall bounce to 5 seconds.

Only these changes will keep Gears 5 at the #1 spot on the most played games list.

P.S. TC, pm me if you’d like me to join your multiplayer development team.


“Exactly. Too many people just think “let me blindly rush” gets lancered “WHY DID I DIE?!?””

That’s ridiculous, Don’t try and justify your ignorance with anothers. Nobody ever stated they can’t play the game well, or adapt to it’s obviously inferior mechanics.

You are completely missing the ball, it isn’t just about the ghasher (which in 5 is also broken), it’s about the TTK in general which is too low.

All the weapons are dumbed down deep in their mechanics, including lower recoil, larger spread patterns higher damage at range, all objectively take less skill.

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Changes should be made to ranked game types. I think they should all resemble the tweaks that were made to escalation less lancer and gnasher damage.

I don’t think so, I think they should keep one tuning all round and just make it better.

It simple how to balance gears, and it’s clear that the MP team is new and don’t know what made gears so addicting and exiting in the first place. Duels, power weapons etc they all mean nothing now.

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You don’t? Have you played escalation yet? The weapon tuning is different from all other ranking playlist. I think it’s more inline with what people want from gears. Lancer does less damage, and you need to be more accurate with the gnasher.

Also, don’t get me wrong I agree with you. Balancing needs to be worked on and it will (hopefully) get to a place where everyone is satisfied. I do disagree that there needs to be balancing across all of MP. I think social is fine for the casual and there shouldn’t be any tweaks. But if you’re trying to compete, where the hardcore fans live, competitive need some adjustments. there should be an obvious divide in skill.

Gears 5 needs weapon tuning, and the flashbang should NOT be a pick up, shock, incinerary, and frag nades all do damage, the flashbang needs a serious nerf but not take up a pick up weapon spot.

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I also agree that the flashbang is an issue, another on the list added.

All these armchair game devs that post on this forum should band together to make their own game. I’m sure it will be the most competitive, balanced, popular, best selling game of all time. /s

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Mediocrity is born from this type of apathy and unwillingness to criticise

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Words that are not only true but we see this reflected in how Gears 5 is.

I’ve been enjoying my time on gears 5. I really don’t have much to complain about. Not a fan of the micro trans business model that will probably have all the good skins. The tour is pretty much a joke and all the ingame rewards are trash but we’ll see what the 3 month content release looks like before we raise our pitchforks.

Balance is fine though.

aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa

I’m sorry but saying balance is fine is so far out of reality it’s basically nonsense.

Have you seen the aim assist, the ghasher range, the insanely boring rifle meta?

Your perspective is so far removed from the experience I’m having it’s hard to relate. I’ve made multiple posts elucidating my feelings about the weapon tuning and I’m on my phone so I’m not going to bother elaborating further. You’re a sperg dude. What is a gasher? Sounds like a metal band. I’m on pc so I cant comment on aim assist.

I’m not talking to you any further, I can only assume you are being overly obtuse for some egotistical or attention seeking reason.

There is NO debate, there is a list far longer than the one I posted with direct proof of WAY lower TTK, Overpowered rifles and the individual noobification mechanisms within each weapon. Everything that made gears great has dissolved, movement, duels and power weapons.

I’m going to assume since you are picking up on spelling mistakes that you have exhausted your already dimwitted and prune like opinion.

The games dead I guess. Hopefully your critical insights into the nature of gears and competitive online play and balance can save it. If you want to 1v1 me I’ll record it and post it here to show you how the gnasher still works in gears 5 and that the meta still involves plenty of gnasher outplays? You must be master rank, and an 06 vet.

Edited: Actually, not going down to your level of insulting.

I’m not going to “1vs1” you and I don’t want to talk to you any further on this. Goodbye